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Fuel Of Fantasy

At the core of my artistic expression lies the ever faithful base of Fantasy. Varying from trigger to trigger, what stirs and drives my art if the fantastical, magical and extraordinary. In the ever changing world of grey to grey, it is often the beauty and colour of the fantastical which captures my imagination and drives me to create, capture and explore.

:bulletpurple: Digital Air-Brushing using a reference model :pointr: ~anttek
:bulletpurple: Original work was detailed at 5400 x 3600 pixels for clarity of resolution.
:bulletpurple: Image was composed using 10 layers in PS

The simplicity of the Faery is often played down in Fantasy (personal opinion). More often than not, the playfulness and beauty of the relatively smaller creature is over shadowed by Dragons, Magicians, Mystics and or depicted in a overtly feminine manner. (not that I'm knocking Dragons or feminine Faeries - by all means they rock in their own right) Here, I have chosen to depict a more masculine Fae in mid-glide - capturing the majestic beauty of a creature, so unlike man, yet so fantastically tangible.

Personally, I believe Faeries as a general species, are neither good nor evil. They live for the moment and enjoy what fruits of their existence has to offer. The mood and expression which is conveyed is that one of indifference, to life, to the world and to existence.

The choice of colours are more subdued in the cooler end of the spectrum for the atmosphere of night, where their mysterious glow becomes more alluring and captivating. The accompanying Wisps (smaller Fae) are there for lighting.

Thanks to ~anttek for allowing me to use his face and body as a ref - it's always easier to work with a base which is already captivating.
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Beautiful coloring and amazing feathering and shading. Stunning work!
FrodoPrime's avatar
fantastic; so surreal and beautiful; love the feathery wings and the angel's expression 
Freaktrev's avatar
great colours, love the feathers
pozniakman's avatar
I really like this. To me it is very well done piece. In my own vision of it I see a wonderful new form of a portrait of a heavenly angel. Great work.
Kody-Boye's avatar
This is so beautiful.
AmandaGaia's avatar
THIS is how I pictured my violet fairy VeVe to look like in my story collaboration with my writing partner! It was like you plucked him from my own imaginings.... Mind if I share this with Sparky? He'll love it just as much as I do. I know he will. -smiles and looks hopeful-
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Dear Amanda, this image is available on the internet already via this website, so I don't see any issue with "sharing" it ... -confused-
AmandaGaia's avatar
Because some artists are particular about their work. I have seen several state that their pictures/drawing/paintings cannot be shared without their permission even if it IS on DA.
wow a guy fairy thats new to me and wat amazing wings i've never seen stuff like it
kazlovesart's avatar
PuppyD's avatar
This is really something amazing. I really like the thin veins and fur/hair strokes you used throughout this piece. Very creative and quite original design. You did an amazing job in only 10 layers. How long did this piece take you?

Either way, this is a wonderful example of what good artists can do with a little bit of patience. Great work!
zachlost's avatar
Looking back on the files, it looks like 12 hours over two days?
PuppyD's avatar
Wow. Not bad time at all! Thank you so much for the information! Its very much appriciated.
Goddessa39's avatar
I think dragonfly.
Anethia's avatar
Wow that´s wonderful
I really like this picture. It is just the kind of pictures I love. Thank you for sharing.
beautiful colors!
ArtistAngel17's avatar
i love it! its very beautiful and the colors you choose are perfect. i never would have thought of fearies like this. good job! =]
Adonael's avatar
Very well detailed and the colours reinforce the distanced yet creative side of the faery
whipzter's avatar
This is amazing full view..The detail is unsurpassable..Fantastic work!
MakaiKingYomi's avatar
I love the details ^_^
laurens-kittens's avatar
wow. you brought purple to a new alot time high =D
monkeysmuse's avatar
phenomenal. i agree that head could stand to have some more curvature. . . increased width on the right, but the face is absolutely amazing. his pose is reminiscent of the painting on the ceiling of the sistine chapel. . . reaching out to make contact with the smaller fairy. colors are brilliant. blues and purples really add to the overall sense of the mystical in this piece. well done.
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