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RPG Maker: Parallax Mountain Map

From my RPG called Oblivion Remnant
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Aww, this one takes me back. Good stuff, mango.
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it makes me sad I don't barely map anymore but seeing you continue to do RPG Maker brings me hope tbh. I really do want to release Oblivion Remnant one of these days, thats a promise
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I know the feeling, but don't be sad, mango. There are a lot of people that have been working on their games for 10+ years. Ara Fell, being one of them, recently got finished. If they can do it, so can you, mango!
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Hope burried deep within, I will continue to digging, thanks mango! Ever notice all these good games are not finish yet, games such as Linus?
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Of course, man! Most people never finish their games because they think WAY too big (scope creep). I personally advice you to take a small break from OR and try your hand at making a smaller game. I don't know, maybe you could make a short horror game, or something like that. Finishing is a skill in itself, so the more stuff you finish, the easier it will be for you as you go on. Hope that helps a bit, buddy!
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Oh my-- I deal in RPG Maker VX Ace but I have never been able to make a map this beautiful,
amazing job!
zach makes one map per year so i think release is about 2025...=)
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lol this guy knows it, so expect another map from me next year ;)
Zachfoss's avatar
lol be my spriter then
FlipelyFlip's avatar
looks great, but the style of the character is breaking the atmosphere /:
it looks like he's walking on a picture with a few trees on it /:
but still the trees and plants are giving a lot atmosphere (:

maybe editing the character a little bit, to fit better would change a lot (:
Zachfoss's avatar
Yeah, I agree with your sentiments. I definitely want to change the sprites for this game. I'm glad you like it though. :)
FlipelyFlip's avatar
maybe making the outlines of the sprite a bit softer would help (:
else it's a wonderfull screen :D

any other infos or something from your game?
Zachfoss's avatar
Hmm, I'll try that then. Thanks for the hot tips.

Well, I'm hoping to get a demo up by December! I'llupload more screenies! 
ill cut off my balls if you get a demo finished by december! lol
Zachfoss's avatar
lmao! oh you. Never cease to make me laugh
FlipelyFlip's avatar
you're welcome (:

yeah I'd like to see them (:
and I can't wait to play the demo :3
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