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Are You... A Deviant Monster?

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Are You... A Deviant Monster?
Here's my submission to the Deviant Art Cute Monsters T-Shirt Design Contest. I made it all in Illustrator, so therefore it's all completely vector based. Hope you like it and remember to vote!

Please Click the "I'd Wear This" button to vote for my design! Also, please leave a comment if you'd like!

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Hey! Check out my 8-Bit Contest Entry and please vote for me!
Go Here: [link] and click the "I'd Wear This" button.
Thank you!
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Thank you. Hopefully I'll get in the semi-finals, but we will have to see, because there were a lot of entries with more views than my entry. (even though that doesn't mean there were more votes, it's still kind an indication)
Anyways, I appreciate the feedback.
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wow this is great. i like it :) *votes*
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Oh, a beautiful and creativ composition with nice monsters! Voted! :-)
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That's so cool! I like how you incorporated the logo!
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Thanks! It seems like lots of people have been commenting on how I incorporated the logo, so I really appreciate your comment!
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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
please vote fore me:
all votes will be returned!! :)
thanks :p
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Great design and nice style, love it! :love:

I would feel very grateful if you could have a little look at my entry as well, if you have time.... :)
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Thanks, appreciate the comment. I'd wear yours. Vote me up!
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Not bad. I like the idea of the monster trying to paint with those claws. I bet it isn't easy either, but I give him a "A for effort"!

Good job on it, man! The coloring looks good, and the style looks great! I'd wear it!
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ok, that's pretty cute, i like the colors too. nice!
here's mine if you want to check it out [link]
(my monster is also my profile picture over there, so to save time, i fyou like him please go vote, thanks!)
ps. nice that it says da on it too, bet people will like shirts that let people know that they're a deviant
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Great concept! Lol, poor monster is making a big mess. It's not easy holding brushes when you have crab claws! :D You have my vote!

Would you take a quick peak at my two designs?

Sidewalk Chalk
Bedtime Story
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Thank you! True, at least he's trying! :) Thanks, love you're design and the sketchy style, I'd wear yours.
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Thank you so much! :D
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I voted yours :D

I don't like the monster in the top, but I love the other two and how you used the colours *W*
Such warm colours and what a unique concept! =D
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