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Sydney, the Hungry


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Sydney, the Hungry


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Novella's Nuzlocke Adventure

Novella's Nuzlocke Adventure

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Gift and Fan-Art

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Moemon Gigalith Sprite


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Sylvia, a Sonic OC


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Ghost Hunter Lily

Anime, Games, etc.

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SCP - A101, Harper Robins


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Let's Go!


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Chibi Yuri


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Hypnotic Kiss [Commission]


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Gravity - ''Proluge'' + Chapter 1-1

[Note:- This is a Fan-fic set within the world of the video game franchise Gravity Rush. Playing the game is not necessary  for this story. But, you should play the games anyway if you can, because they're awesome.] -Prologue- When I was a little girl, I was involved in an accident. A skybus crash. I don’t remember the incident itself, but I was told later that I had been thrown out of the vehicle, and fell fifty feet to the streets below. And to add insult to injury, what remained of the skybus crashed down upon the lower half of my legs. The doctors told my father, it was a miracle that I had survived at all. Everyone else had been


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2000 Deviations!

Specials and Events

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Harmony, as Kyubey [Contest Entry]

All The Pony

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Pony References

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Equestria's Stories - 86

Equestria's Stories

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Ask Rose Petal - 66 - Part 1.5

Ask Rose Petal

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Ask Soda Pop Comic 46-47 (Link)

Ask Soda Pop

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Lula's Story - Part 24


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The Intelligence of an Apple 2 Part 4

The Intelligence of an Apple

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The Guide Page 1

CMC comic series

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Fallout Equestria - Glimmer

Clip, Clop, Clip, Clop… The lone mare’s hoof steps echoed throughout the halls, rhythmically breaking the silence. Like a heartbeat, bringing life into the otherwise lifeless structure. Dust hang like a low fog, parting way for the mare, and swirling behind her, as if the air itself wished to push her further in. It was an eerily inviting feeling, causing the mare to feel uneasy. Not only that, this place reeked with a sense of danger and despair. Considering the history of such places, it made perfect sense. That single flash of magical brilliance, which turned this once great city to ash, and burned the denizens into dust, h

Fallout Equestria

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Mature Content Stuffs

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My OCs

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EQ's Stories - RANDOM #17 [Speed Vector]

Speed Vectors

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Under Construction


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