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Vinyl Scratch

I noticed that every time Vinyl appears in an episode of MLP, her design always changes slightly. Anyway, I decided on trying to combine the fan-made designs with the show designs and this is what I got.

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
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This image certainly carries that I've-just-beaten-the-game-and-now-Noteworthy-is-kissing-me vibe.
Hmm... Ideas, ideas... I may be able to use this in Super Mario All-stars. It will be difficult to get it to look right though.
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If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go squee now
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Is it alright if I use this picture that you made for my own custom Vinyl Scratch T-shirt, so I can get Custom Ink's knowledge of I have permission to use this?
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yeah, you can use this if you want.
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Thank you very much man! <3 /) I only tend on having this for me. I'll be wearing this or hope to be wearing this to Bronycon 2015, only if all the rest of the people who made work for these pictures plus Hasbro gives me permission so I can get this ordered to me by Custom ink. Ty once again man!!!
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such an adorable techno musician. i hope she and i teach each other about electronica.
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So cute cuter then my stuff. Vinyl:Hey you haz crush on me? Mind:Time to lie Me:Uh no
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bam! theyre red baby!

red eyes are awesome!
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Aww, she never been so cute until now.
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Me: Me: You: Him: Her: My Aunt: GET OUT OF MY HARD CANDY JAR!
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I really like this design! And I am a supporter of the magenta eyed Vinyl ;)
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I prefer her eyes red though. :v

no offence to magenta eye lovers. xD
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