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Twi-Lestia (Nightmare Night 2014 Costume)

Twilight's Nightmare Night costume! Princess Celestia!

Featured in EQD Drawfriend #1335 (No. 43):…

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
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Wonder how Princess Celestia would react to seeing Twilight like this. It's awesome no matter what.
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hah of course she would after the starswirl costume....
how did she make herself white in those places though?.....
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Twi-lestia is bestia.
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Whoa, Twilight you look... gorgeous
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fangirl in 3....2...1...;adjksfbgpq uegojadbfokjgho djsfbgoidfhobivbdfovosdfhjbvomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg:fangirl: :fangirl: :fangirl: :fangirl: :fangirl: :fangirl: :fangirl: 
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Nice! I prefer that mane, for sure !
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Haha, how cute
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She already dressed up as Starswirl, it was only a matter of time til she dressed up like her other idol. Can't remember if I was one of the ones who suggested this but either way, it makes sense.
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Looking good, Twily!!:squee: revamp 
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I tell ya, the white feathers on the wings actually look pretty in their own way. And the white gradient on the legs and ears is not bad. It's a pretty "costume", Twily.
Well done!
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