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Originally the title was three times that length, but I cut it down after I finished the comic. Honestly, Rarity's not my favorite pony, not by a long shot. So I didn't really think I'd get much out of a comic focusing on her. So, I kinda fixed that by... not... focusing on her...

Even though this doesn't progress the CMC comic story arc, it's pretty much an explanation of why Rarity isn't in Ponyville at the time.

Yay EQD!:…

To find the other CMC comics in this series, check out the gallery here:…

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
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Princess Celestia Talks Too Much
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What was the original title?
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Celestia plays Monopoly in real life. And the losers get sent to the dungeons. Or Ponyville which is the same thing.
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i freaking didnt notice rofl
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Plot twist: celestia didn't knew it was monopoly
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"It's a country, not a company, you can play like monopoly.."

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the punchline would have been better if I had thought it was monopoly myself :B she made it clear she was discussing her royal duties and untill rarity mentioned it monopoly hadn't crossed my mind it was cute but the payoff wasnt what I expected
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those sneaky,thieving bastards
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WOW LUNA!!! I know she became Nightmare Moon but SERIOUSLY?! 73 ARRESTS???!!! You have some explaining to do!
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ok you got me, made me laugh out loud
GolliatTaillog's avatar
Rarity...What were you thinking!? Seriously.
And I mean it! I never though it was monopoly.
Scaratyl-Targe-Obsid's avatar
I really did fear that it was not monopoly. And Luna has only been to jail twenty-three times get your facts straight Celestia. Unless you are counting the time before her "vacation" then I do not know.
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That last panel... XD
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Leave the utilities alone, Celestia; they're not worth fighting over.

And watch out for that damn dog that owns Park Place.

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Celestia's a tycoon and Luna's a problem child...WELL, I'LL BE LEAVING EQUESTTRIA NOW 'CAUSE I'VE SEEN IT ALL!
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It never even occurred to me that she might have been talking about Monopoly, until Rarity brought it up.
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Luna's been to jail seventy two times? For what?! And for that matter, why doesn't anyone know about it? And here's another one for you, just how broken /is/ the Equestrian justice system, that someone can go to jail 72 times in such a relatively short amount of time, and /not/ get /some/ sort of extended sentence?
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