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Pony pack EUD

Updated to Version 4.3! Now all ponies up to Pony Pack 60 are listed! That's 500+ Characters!

Link to Pony Pack Gallery:…

Link to the Pony Templates:…

Link to Specialty Pack Gallery:…

Link to Colour Pack Gallery:…

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
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I'd like to ask. I've been looking for ponies in this style to use on something i'm working on. Are you okay with people using your models in other work provided it's credited, or not? Thought it'd be polite to ask before I actually did anything.
Zacatron94's avatar
I'm completely fine with people using them.
sunblaze32's avatar
Cheers. :) I'll be sure to credit you, though.
Nightfire-613's avatar
Hello, I've noticed that you do not have Cheese Sandwich in any of your current Packs. Do you have any future plans to make him, and if not, would it be okay if I recolored your Bubble Berry and edited his mane a little? Also, do you know when you will be taking requests for these again?
Zacatron94's avatar
I have no plans to make him. And you are free to do whatever you want with them.

I don't have any plans to take any sort of requests again.
Nightfire-613's avatar
Understood, thank you!
Jordan-da-Lego-Brony's avatar
Have you considered making King Thorax and the Reformed Changelings?
Zacatron94's avatar
I currently have no plans to make them.
KawwaiiWatermelone's avatar
may i get a oc request?
RubyCast's avatar
Do you know what the with and height for a pointy comic should be? 
Zacatron94's avatar
whatever you want it to be.
SirSkullReed's avatar
r u taking requests at the moment?
twilightsparkle2013's avatar
Hi! I requested my OC, Night Star, quite a while ago, and in that time my drawing skills have improved, however slightly.…
Gaster-Story's avatar
So I requested Princess Blood Rage some time ago. I have a new reference of her if you want to see it
Zacatron94's avatar
would you be to send me a note with the link in it?
Rapshadow's avatar
Wait so zac? If someone wants to make their own OC into Pointy does that means they have to do the mane and tail? Or is it just created byitself?
stavman101's avatar
May I have one please
Zacatron94's avatar
sorry, but I'm not accepting new requests right now.
stavman101's avatar
Ok sorry to bother you
stavman101's avatar
do you accept points
stavman101's avatar
PonyFan2014's avatar
could you possibly do my OC? X3

Heres an image:…

Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3] 
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