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Pony pack 9

The first five pack but technically it only has three ponies.

Discord! He was actually easier to make than expected. Zecora ended up being harder to make.

The characters from left to right, top to bottom, are as follows: Future Twilight, Zecora, Pinkie Spy, Dew Drop and Discord.

The characters should be far enough apart that if anyone wants to use them, you should be able to crop the image to get each one.

Dew Drop is ~kalie0216 's OC.

For any information regarding requests, please check out the EUD!

Pony Pack EUD:…

Pony Pack Gallery Folder:…

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
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DO You take requests of these?
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Could You do One Of my NEW mane 6 + Princess Infinity?
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sure! Can you just provide a link to the images of them.
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Is there a clearer image of the green pegsus' cutie mark? I can't see it very well from the angle she's at.
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Oh, yeah, she's in my gallery a lot, and she has a ref sheet, I would link it but I can't right now 
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I've got them done! If there's anything you want me to change, let me know! As soon as you say it's all good, I upload it as a proper deviation.
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Oh my goodness thanks so much!!:) it is way better than imagined:D
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you're welcome.
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