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Pony Pack Templates

I made this after like the second pack. But here it is now 'cause people have requested it.

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
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Is this amazing base free?
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Yes, it is free.
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Wow! Thank you! This base is amazing!
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do you have this in ms paint friendly?
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I have no idea what it means for an image to be "MS Paint friendly"...

It can be opened in paint if that's what you mean...
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i know this is like, 3/4th of a year after this conversation, but what that means is that someone can take a fill tool to change the colors and it won't look messy.
in other words, this isn't ms paint friendly. most bases are ms paint friendly, but stuff like vectors and normal art pieces usually are not.
I've created many pieces using this, which you can see in my gallery. (Too many to comment links, or maybe because I'm lazy?)
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These are very helpful (I simply cannot draw My Little Pony, and I've always found this style really cute <3) Thank you very much.
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thanks for creating these~
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Thank you. The template was very helpful.…
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Thanks for making these Templates ^,^…

Can I use them for a large Comic project?
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AWESOME! Thank you soo much!
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i cant draw for life but i can use this template for mmd ouo
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Are theese MS paint friendly?
Zacatron94's avatar
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How do you use these? Is Photoshop required to pose them? All I've got is Paint.
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I don't think they really work with paint. But you shouldn't need Photoshop to use 'em. I make 'em with PowerPoint, so you can probably use that, or you can try Inkscape.
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If I get Inkscape I'll try it. Is it bought or downloaded?
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