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Magic Banana

Triangle Mare, Triangle Mare
Triangle Mare hates Princess Mare...

Magic Banana is a reference to "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy". Billy keeps calling Eris' apple of discord a magic banana.

Suppose I should point out that Triangle Mare pretty much belongs to Viva IMMATOONLINK Reverie because she comes from this video he did:…

To find the CMC comics series, check out the gallery here:…

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
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L Alphabets (Words) O Alphabets (Words) L Alphabets (Words) O Alphabets (Words) L Alphabets (Words) O Alphabets (Words) L Alphabets (Words)      Twilight Sparkle (Run) 
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Oh god!  Luna, Derpy, RUN!!!
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There was a fight,Triangle mare wins
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This is a good start!
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Lol! From an I'm a toon link vid xD 
VengefulNoodles's avatar
Gotta love that reference 
PinkiePie-PartyPony's avatar
Triangle Man! Triangle Man! Triangle Man Beats Partical(idk how to spell) Man! Triangle Man! Triangle Man!
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Poor discord <3 haha, awesome comic!
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Can a brother have some coco!? XD
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Lol I love that song! Triangle man triangle man triangul man hates partical man they have a fight triangle wins triangle man. TheeThee
can someone remind me the jingle
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first two lines of the desc.

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omg I can't stop laughing at the triangle pony xD
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And then Luna was no more.
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LOL I'm eating a banana right now!
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They have a fight,
triangle wins,
Triangle Man.
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*epic accordion solo*  
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Have you seen Immatoonlink's PMV of that?
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*cries tears of laughter*
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Umm do you need I don't know: Medical Help?
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