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Lula's Story - Part 20

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:iconprincesstwilightplz: The real Rainbow Dash is less likely to find her here..."

Me: Yes, well, she's dead, so you don't have to worry about that.

:icontwilighthuhplz: Wait....what?

Me: You just have to worry about her being dead.

:iconohmytiaplz: ........

Me: .....cause she's dead.

:iconohmytiaplz: .......

Me: .....shall I call an undertaker?

:iconundertakerplz: You rang?

Me: Wrong undertaker.

:iconundertakerplz: Oh, sorry.
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''...cause she's dead''
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Undertaker (Stalks) [V2]  :You rang?
I'm sorry I had to! XD
Okay, so let's see if I've got this straight.

Trixie in an attempt to once more get revenge on Twilight clones herself using the mirror pool from 'Too Many Pinkie Pies'. The clone however smacks some sense into her (figuratively not literally) and they go to bury the hatchet with Twi. (Once again figuratively not literally. :D ) However Twilight zaps the clone back into the pool, or whatever happens to the clones when they get zapped.

Apparently though, said clone manages to return and it turns out she's not a clone but a Trixie from an alternate reality who for convenience sake we're calling Lula.

In addition to Lula other ponies from alternate realities (which may or may not be the same reality as Lula) are appearing from the pool. It also appears that none of these ponies (including Lula) have any memory of their past.

In addition to that it appears that Sombra is somehow behind this or something and is using Lula for some evil scheme of his. Although it's not clear yet if he's using the other alternate ponies. (And there's also the question of if Sombra is from an alternate reality, which depends on how close the comic follows the actual series, since he blows up real good at the end of 'The Crystal Empire' and Word of God is that he's dead. Of course we all know what that really means is "He's dead until someone comes up with a cool idea to bring him back.")

As if that wasn't enough, there's also a good, rule 63 Sombra (called Ambros) who killed an evil Celestia and not so evil Luna in her own reality (which may or may not be the same as Lula's reality) is running around trying to stop Sombra.

This all leads to Sombra mind controlling Lula and having her attempt to kill Rainbow Dash (who also has an alternate version now running around) as well as implications from Sombra that some kind of cycle or something is going on when he tells Lula that Ambros has killed her multiple times before. (Although that might just be Sombra screwing with Lula's mind.)

Finally, there's a ponified version of Riddler running around because... um... why... not... question mark...

Yeah no... still confused. :iconcrazysparkleshrugplz:…

Loving the story though.
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that was a very good summerization of the story
I believe that pretty much sums it all up.[so far]
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Actually that's a pretty good summary of what we know.
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I really enjoy this comic. Especially now that someone offed Rainbow Dash.
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wat da book for WHAY DA BOOOOOK????? ><
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poor dashelganger
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In fact, Rainbowdash and Trixie/Lula came out of the store and went to the kitchen to cook. And there they broke the jar of tomato paste. Trixie/Lula used the knife for cutting products. Rainbowdash started a cleaning and therefore missed duty.

Reality and logic - a very flexible thing. 0o
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They're talking about the previous page aren't they.
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plz make sure u don't make RD villain like. I've read enough comics that do that
well the real one is either in critical condition, hospitalized, or dead, so... i don't think that the clone's life will be in danger any time soon... to be honest, i'm more worried that the clone rainbow dash might go berzerk/get taken over the same way lula did and do something bad to trixie...
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i think rainbow is in the hospital by now...
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I think Rainbow Dash is dead. I mean Lula DID stab her a lot of times and well you get the point...........
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Well now the clone of RD is the real, because the real one is dead xD
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I REALLY hope Rainbow's not dead!
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Aw, poor mopey Rainbow clone.
... Well, actually, she's significantly better off than the original Dash being stabbed in the shower, but still.
skittish my name for this  rainbow dash until a name is given she is so cut and innocent a lot like Fluttershy.
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Plus it sounds like Skittles, which is another name people give Rainbow Dash.
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Now that's dedicated support. :)
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