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Description provided by commissioner :iconscarface271::

"If anyone who had been around in the early days of the Brony Fandom is seeing this image, there's a good chance they know the significance of it. For those who don't, allow me to explain. CSI-Madmax was one of the most popular brony fan artists back in the 2011-2014 days of the fandom. She had done lots of funny and cute comics and images over those years. From what I can gather, she also had an optimistic if humorous viewpoint when it came to Friendship Is Magic, as during 2013 when the fandom was being dramatic about Season 3, Alicorn Twilight and Equestria Girls, she kept on doing cute pony pictures and funny comics, some of which even poked fun at all the drama. She was one of the first pony artists who's work I had ever saw and gotten into as well. Sadly, in August 2014, she left a ambiguous but sad Deviantart Journal saying she would no longer be able to draw anything, and that she was stuck in a "involuntary Nomad lifestyle". She was never heard from again after that, and many people think that she ended up homeless. To me, this fandom has never been the same without her".

"I didn't find this out till a year after it happened. I had waited for any possible good news to come up regarding her, but that never happened. Eventually, I decided to commission this tribute picture for her. Unlike other popular bronies, Madmax has not gotten a tribute picture like this before, and I know that the reason for this is because we don't actually know if she's dead or alive. But we might never know, and I feel like she deserves some kind of tribute picture. I looked up an old interview with her {Linked below}, and she said her favorite ponies are Rarity, Lyra and the Royal Sisters. So I commissioned this picture with her pony-self being hugged by her favorite ponies. Heck, if she ever comes back someday, you could also see this as a "Welcome Back" picture. Anyone who doesn't know who Madmax was, I strongly urge you to look up her artwork. You can find a decent amount of it on her Deviantart page, while the entirety of her pony artwork is still up on Derpibooru to this day. And whoever uploads this to derpibooru, if you could also copy and paste this description in there, I would strongly appreciate that. And I hope that Madmax is happy and safe now, wherever she may be."

CSI-Madmax's DA:

CSI-Madmax Derpibooru:…

CSI-Madmax Interview:…

Madmax belongs to: :iconcsimadmax:

Commissioned by: :iconscarface271:

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
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Dude, my congratulations. It's simple, but very significant. You know I met CSImadmax's art last year, but I seem to see it from the beginning. I know how her older fans get worried, so do I. But maybe one day she will come back, ´right ? :)