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Guard Duty

Here's what's turned out to be the start of a mini-arc for the "Intermission". It'll just be three or four comics with the CMC trying to be Royal Guards... which should be kinda obvious.

To find the other CMC comics in this series, check out the gallery here:…

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
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Um where is Sweetie Belle going?
Kawailly liking the screen Embarrassed Bunny Lpsamanda animated icon Annie (normal) LIck Icon Kitten Lick icon (For Bani!, AKA SaberPanda) Lick Animation 
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Obrigado por usar meu gif.
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:33< intermission?
:33< i love you forever
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they should have picked blueblood for this, he hates dirty stuff.
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i like this ps i made a comic dub of this im sending it to you tube
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Is it just me or when the intro pops up, you hear the "two best friends play..." song?
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did anybody else notice sweetie belle walking away in the last three squares
I thought for a moment that they might have arranged for there to be a robber to guard against. They've had worse ideas. And more convoluted ideas.
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Sweetie be doing this right.
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Oh this is not going to end well.
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Well, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo both failed the attentiveness test. :XD:
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Sweetie Belle is the only one paying attention. Good money those two actually lose Cadence.
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Doesn't take a genius to predict that they're gonna lose sight of Cadence.
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to quote good ol' Spike; "ohh this won't end well..."
with those three it never does.
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"Mah cousin's out fightin' dragons, and what do I get?  Guard duty."

"You told Babs that Spike was talking trash just to make that joke, didn't you?."

"Relax, she can take him."

"That's what I'm worried about."
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Will this reduce ping times?
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and then, she gets robbed anyway, because they are too busy arguiing
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