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Equestria's Stories - EQG 2

There's just no beating the 4th wall. It always gets what it wants...

For more "Equestria's Stories" you can find them in the gallery folder here:…

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
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should have "NEXT" icons/links here :p lol
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its funny how dash hold that refresh if she doesnt even have hands :D, oh i forgot abouth pinkie dust :D, yea know both are really clumsy and funny, they could be good friends since sonata isnt actually evil, just funny and clumsy 
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Hahaha! Dammit!
(+1 for pinata ship)
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Pinata, haha yes! :D
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And the twist is: Rainbow actually likes boys.
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MORE MORE (and more of your other stories... you know :) )
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I took it from a Bronies react.. two screen shot (print screen on your key board) and them together in a simple paint program..... then added the text ^_^
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I know how to write stories. Doing anything even the slightest bit techy is beyond me. xD
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cool....if ya ever write something that goes audio book or animated, remember me for voice actor choices ;)…
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Well I mean, if you wanna do something together, dub a story together, that'd be fun. Wanna?
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Hey why not ^^ I'm game XD I'm not much a creator though :( I wish.... I used to be when I was younger I suppose.... but looking back I can tell a lot of it didn't add up (pfft)
but I can contribute ^^ I'm doing so right now, in an audio play of Fall Out Equestria as a matter of fact :)
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Oh and uhhh... my stories are erotica, forgot to mention that. Is that a problem? :P
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I'm good for anytime, can't record the thing myself though, I'd leave that to you, but we could read one of my stories together. Any particular one you want to try?
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haaaaaaaa hahahahaa
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Lol, Busted, hilarious.
You can't escape your destiny, Pinkie.
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To be shipped with Sonata? Just read that fanfic. 
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:iconepicclapplz: Well done, Pinkie.
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