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Equestria's Stories - 5 (Red Heart)

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Published: March 3, 2014
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I don't know if you guys can read it clearly but the text the the top of the newspaper says  "FAULTY PRINTER RUINS FRONT PAGE", and there's also a smaller bit that says "LAST PAGE BLANK!!!".

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SunriseDuskHobbyist Digital Artist
Redheart doesn't care... BEST NURSE! :P
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TheNeoStrikeHobbyist Artist
eheh She's all like....Jack by TheNeoStrike  
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SirAwesomeDrawsAlotStudent Traditional Artist
so many fucks given!
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cadenceroxStudent General Artist
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Pepsi-CoIaHobbyist Artist
nice one
Alsjemenoubrony's avatar
AlsjemenoubronyStudent Digital Artist
She is still reading
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Bropony2010Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nurse: she ain't right.
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Turns out, she was allergic to bunnies
Zalleus's avatar
You guys laugh, but there is a nugget of truth to this.…
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PonyUniverseHobbyist Digital Artist
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omg freaking nurse redheart XD
Fly-by-Night-Lyds's avatar
And that's why you should always have a rubber ducky in the tub before you get in.... to test for sharks.
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BUNNY there, done that!
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sassyrocks9Student General Artist
OMG so cute!!!!
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Lily, you were not injured you know... *facepalm* :XD:
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Lol, the bunny stampede hilarious.
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I was going to ask what it said under "FAULTY PRINTER RUINS FRONT PAGE." Usually you have to ask if you can't read the easter eggs on your own.

Also, tragically, this was the day that Ponyville learned too late that Lily is extremely allergic to bunnies. Nurse Redheart was severely disciplined for sitting idly by while Lily suffocated to death on the floor in front of her, but ultimately everypony had to admit that they wouldn't have taken Lily seriously either.
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SnazzyChapeauHobbyist General Artist
Night of the Lepus. That is all.
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Bunnies, eh? I think you need to go to that hospital. *points to Weenie  Hut General*
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Oh Lily you weenie. :XD:
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klystron2010Hobbyist Digital Artist
SHUT UP NUR... Oh, you didn't say anything. Carry on then.
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BB-KHobbyist Writer
Lol, this is what we feel sometimes when we're not techniacally sick.
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