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Crimson Skies - 1

The first part of Crimson Skies!

So many plans for this series, I doubt I'd ever get the chance to do them all. But I'm gonna try! Even if this series takes many years to do, I really, really want to do it.

I've never planned a series like I have with this one. Bios, lore, story arcs, I've got so much story to tell!

I hope you guys have as much reading this story, as I do telling it.

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MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
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Twilight fears of ladybug is infecting other ponies

Rainbow-Gale's avatar
Who is that mare scared to death of ladybugs? And why is she scared of ladybugs?
kabhes's avatar
i always do that to a friend of mine
HawkHurricane's avatar
simply...LOOOOL XD
LSDInkvizitor's avatar
i wonder who's her future sire.

you know, person who will...embrace her. 
karkovice1's avatar
She probably also believes that if Photo Shoot takes her picture, it would ALSO steal her soul. =P
AdrenalineLife's avatar
Are you gonna continue "ask Rose Petal"?
Zacatron94's avatar
Yeah. Just not motivated to do it right now.
Spy crab: what? A unicorn afraid of of one ladybug and she thinks it's gonna take her soul as if like the grem reappear would do... There just bugs...
Truemosfet's avatar
Oh my everything!  This is amazing!  I love it!  :la:

We got Rose just chilin' and Harmony comes out of no where to prank her, but Rose pranks her in kind.  So much fun character introductions!
Then there's breezy Kyu who appears to be upset with that blank flank Stallion.  Why is she upset with him? So many delicious unanswered questions!
I'm excited about this story.  Great work, Zac!
Kai-Sempai's avatar
Okay, that unicorn is hilarious...
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
A bright, colorful, funny introduction!
Let's see how this one goes... :iconbiggrinplz:
superSeether's avatar
They are so adorable :D (Big Grin) 
Nbking992's avatar
Regreme's avatar
XDDDD That's adorable.^^

Oh, by the way, was wonderin' if I could ask somethin' of ya, if that's alright.
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
This pleases me :D
jeremeymcdude's avatar
if she was drowning she would be ladyglug *badum TSSSSSSS*
At first you had my interest but now you have attention. 
Phoenix360's avatar
Well said my good sir, well said.
R-Doll's avatar
Well, after reading this, I am certainly looking forward to more of this story. 
I am certainly amused by how funny this start is :3 :D
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