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Published: February 11, 2014
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Lots of little details tweaked in this one. Probably some errors, but I'm not fussed. I'm happy with how it came out.

Anyway, another "Intermission" comic. I'll get back to making the story arc comics at some point...

To find the other CMC comics in this series, check out the gallery here:…

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
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The one from the comic book, or another comic? Anyone else read the mlp comics?
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"Whispers to the CMC" Do the dungeon explorers...

Scootaloo "I have a strange urge to do the dungeon explorers"

Apple bloom "me too"

sweetie bell "still looking at the computer and says " maybe I should download the other ones..."
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The "catapult and fireworks" were in the MLP:FIM vl. 3 comics.
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"Read the description"...  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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YOU GUYS. It's okay you guys. The artist has acknowledged the confusion we all have every time he does this. That means everything is A-OK and we have nothing to complain about anymore. WE WERE JUST DOING IT WRONG A ALONG YOU GUYS. So glad that's been cleared up.

That said, it would be the teeniest bit helpful if the names of the comics also reflected their position in the series, i.e. Ch.1 p.3 or  somesuch. It can be confusing trying to tell exactly where you are relative to the other strips—or that they even are part of a series—without having to go looking for the folder in your gallery because clearly that is too much to ask of the readers or else why does pretty much every other comic series do it that way. .__.
We are lazy couch potatoes and prefer our content to require the minimum amount of thought and effort in order to access to conserve what little mental capacity we have for actually reading and enjoying the comic itself rather than getting distracted with the not-so-obvious breaks in continuity and trying to process how things actually fit together relative to everything else. You know how things go together a lot better than we do since you're the one making them. Chapter numbers/names and page numbers within the chapters require very little effort to include in the title and go a long way toward improving reader comprehension of the series as a whole. If it's part of a series, and not just a complete one-off with no relation to any other strips, the title should make it obvious it's part of a series (and where it fits in).

I'm not trying to be super-critical here, but I've seen the questions come up more than once—and this strip is further evidence that it's a little bit problem, and a bit annoying for you to have to deal with repeatedly—and it makes me wonder why it even needs to be a question in the first place when little things can help reduce the confusion so much. It seems a bit frustrating for all parties involved, to say the least. I realize you're doing things a bit out-of-order by switching between which arcs you're working on, but even just starting things off with something like "Intermission - 03: Continuation" would very clearly help to associate this particular strip with the Intermission arc, separate it from the other arcs, and denote where this strip is chronologically relative to the other strips within the Intermission arc, all while not committing to a set order for the arcs to go in should you choose to add something else in between like you did with Intermission. If people aren't getting something, it isn't necessarily their fault (and it often isn't); it's more likely the creator failed to make something clear where they perhaps could have done more. Just like poorly written documentation for foreign-made consumer products that might otherwise work as intended if only the consumer could figure out exactly what was intended in the first place…
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Don't pay me too much mind, though. I'm a bit tired and irritable as I write all this, but I really just feel I need to get this off my chest all the same.
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Self Deprecation is Magic.
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ya damn tootin' it counts; Big Mac is STILL rebuilding the gazebo...
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Applebloom has just saved their lives.  Or at least saved Ponyville from being destroyed again...
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Lol, that was funny.
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catluvr2Hobbyist General Artist
And the fourth wall has been broken. AGAIN.
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They should try archery. I've never seen anything go wrong at an archery range.
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have you ever tried shooting a bow with hooves?
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I can barely hit the target using my hands.
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ZDForrestHobbyist General Artist
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Good thing they didn't sell those to the wrong ponies... :XD:
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Catapult and Fireworks definatly counts as bomb makers. They are IED's after all. Just ask the gazebo!
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White Box on the comic, Why ?
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Zacatron94Hobbyist Digital Artist
covers up the ads
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I was just thinking, didn't we already get one of these today? But you addressed it in the comic.
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ElectricSky25Hobbyist General Artist
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Heh, nice reference to the official comics.
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