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The name's Bon... Bon-Bon.

Even with all the references and awesomeness, this is still my favourite thing to come from episode 100.

It's so, out-of-nowhere, but actually makes so much sense when you think about it...
It explains why Bon-Bon has so many voices, and is also called Sweetie-Drops.

:iconsadengineerplz: "That pony's a spy!"

Featured in EQD Drawfriend #1564  (No. 29):…

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My name isn't Bon-Bon it's special agent Sweetie Drops.

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Awesome picture. Also, it reminds me that I´m currently working on a fanfiction involving Bon Bon, Lyra and one of my OCs (a colleague of Bon Bon).
It´s pretty interesting, if I may say so myself, and I´m going to upload it to my DeviantArt gallery. If my calculations are correct, I can begin uploading on sunday, June 18th.
I guess I´ll even make a bi-weekly schedule so I can still continue my other fanfiction. :)
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"The spy has already penetrated our defences! Look what she has done to our colleagues! She could be anywhere! She could be right inside this room! She could be anyone of us! She could be you! She could be me! She could even be...!"
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 Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Secret Agent Bon Bon Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U 
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Permissions to use for a cute edit.  love it and was hoping to use it for something nice cute and safe. Promise to credit to this link and yourself if permission is granted.
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you can do that, you have my permission.
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:iconbonbonplz: shaken not stirred

:icon007plz: hay that's my line 
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The Name is Bon .. Bon Bon.
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would actally be bon bon... james bon bon
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Ah but she's a girl XP
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jane bon bon, then
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badass spy verson of bon bon
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I love the coat!
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"I know some ponies may think that the very idea of secret organizations operating from the shadows is dishonest and untrustworthy, but sometimes such secrecy is genuinely necessary. 

An open organization, with all its activity and individuals made public, would effectively paint a large bulls-eye on itself for its opponents to take advantage of. You have seen the results during the Wedding invasion: part of the reason why Canterlot was overrun within 10 minutes was because the Changelings had infiltrated the Royal Guards and part of the Royal Government from top to bottom, apparently within mere days, in the time leading up to the invasion. This was topped off with their Queen neutralizing the groom himself, who was the linchpin of Canterlot's defenses. They knew EXACTLY who to strike, where to strike and when to strike, to throw us into disarray and take the city with little resistance, precisely because our defenses were open and transparent enough for them to gauge for weaknesses, windows of opportunity, to exploit.

The confidentiality over the anti-monster government agency I worked for was not do dupe the public into thinking we and the monsters we fight do not exist; it serves as a shield to prevent something like this from happening, protecting our command structure, operations and our agents, in addition to maintain an advantage over our opponents in the element of surprise: after all, you can't defend yourself against something that you don't understand or even know it exists. We DO inform the public of the monsters defeated, though not exactly WHO that defeats them. And some threat are so dangerous that it MUST be kept hidden, because even as much as KNOWING it exists endangers the safety and sanity of the ponies we protect.

The lack of transparency does pose risk of internal corruption and abuse of power, and violates some of our most treasured values. But compare to the alternatives it is the better deal. And don't forget; we answer DIRECTLY to Princess Celestia herself, who serve as our final authority. If that is not enough to ensure our integrity and legitimacy, I do not know what will.

But even then, secrecy may not be enough, especially when we have to confront hostile forces or entities that are very ruthless, insidious and dangerous in ways that would shock and surprise even the most savvy of ponies. Take the Bug-Bear: It may look and act like it's just a wild, stupid beast, but it is a merely a facade crafted by a dangerously intelligent and cunning creature to catch its opponents off-guard. After it escaped Tartarus, it managed to hide for years, despite the combined efforts of our ENTIRE organization, the Royal Military and even the Princesses themselves to find it. And in those years it manages to track down and take down my colleagues one after another in its quest to avenge itself of its first defeat. In the end, it incurred such losses on us that Princess Celestia had to temporarily disband our organization and put an extra layer of deniability to protect those that remained. And EVEN then, it still managed to track me, the mastermind of its first defeat, all the way to Ponyville, and it still took Princess Twilight and her companions, some of the most capable heroines of Equestria, every effort and skill they have to take it down, because the Bug-Bear was JUST. THAT. DANGEROUS.

You do not have to like what we have to do in order to ensure ponies remain safe. Deep down, even we don't like it, but sometimes, we really don't have a choice. More often then not, there is no third option, and these hard choices we have to make, these questionable means we have to use, is simply the ABSOLUTE BEST that could be done."

--- Bon Bon, aka special agent Sweetie Drops, on her former work as an operative of a top-secret anti-monster government agency. 
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Bon bon EqG 3 (rage) plz goin to kill when i use aston maretin
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Remember what happened with shield and the beautiful parasite. 
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Beautiful parasite?
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Captain America: Winter Solider. 
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That could serve as a significant plot point in any story concerning Agent Sweetie Drop's adventures.

That said, there are no HYDRA organizations in Equestria. 
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"You've proven you're wiling to lie, deceive, mislead, manipulate, and use others for the 'greater good' of Equestria. You said I didn't have to like it. Here's another one, I don't HAVE TO be your friend either, unless of course you want to go get a court order demanding I have to course." 
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