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So, I make no secret of the fact that BT is my favourite musician. Even people who don't like electronic music can appreciate the amount of work that goes into his albums. I mean, dude wrote his own software because he couldn't find a way to program drums in surround sound. That's pretty epic.

I'm apparently a part of the BT Street Team, or BTFamily as they're called, now. I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but it did. We had a Twitterbombing campaign last night (the 16th, my birthday!) to try to get #ASAW trending (his new album, released yesterday, is called A Song Across Wires). But apparently it doesn't matter how many times 10 or 20 people tweet about something, what we need is more folks.

So this is sort of a general invitation/request for anyone who likes BT. Or likes Trance, EDM, or electro. Or just really great music in general. We want to make this first week of ASAW pretty epic, so we'll be continuing this campaign over the course of the week. Anyone who wants to join in tweeting about #ASAW and saying #ThankYouBT for everything he's done for the electronica community is totally welcome, and if you'd like to be more closely involved with the family, hit me up on my personal Facebook ( ) or follow Erin on twitter ( ) and keep an eye out for the tags #ASAW #ThankYouBT #BTFamily etc.

We'd love to get everyone involved in this. BT means a helluva lot to us, and his music is really just totally mind-blowing. I've learned a ton from him about composition, mixing, production, and signal processing, and I've never even had a conversation with the guy.

Anyway, hit me up if you're interested in helping boost this album release on Twitter! The more the merrier.

Love & tea,
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Submitted on
August 17, 2013