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Kryjti the Batarian

By zabka-zee
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"Batarians is pretty cool guy, they assholes of universe and doesn't afraid of anything."

But seriously, I kind of like Batarians and I really wanted to make a Mass Effect OC that wasn't my Shepard. So I combined the two and made a Mass Effect OC that's a Batarian! Hurhurr, I'm so clever.

This is Kryjti, she is a female Batarian that specializes as a Sentinel. Born to a family of miners from a colony on Vana, she decided from an early age that the mining life wasn't for her. Finding a way off the planet, the early years of Kryjti's adult life involved jumping from one odd job to the next. For a while she settled on working security for a group of smuggling ring; until it was shut down and disbanded. Finding herself stuck on Omega and in need of a job, she takes the job as an "assistant" for a tattoo and piercing shop. Once again, this job doesn't last upon Cerberus invasion Omega. Kryjti manages to escape with some other Batarians to the Citadel. She stays there as a refugee for a while until she gets fed up with sitting around and joins the fight against the Reapers.

I'm still developing her, but I know she won't be much a talker and that she's pretty restless. She's a fighter, that's for sure.

I always found it a little depressing that Bioware never made female counterpart models for most of the alien races. A little thumbnail sketch in the artbook would have been enough for me! Just to know that they cared a little... Maybe...? But this is how I imagine female batarians to look like! I really don't think they would have hair considering their male counterparts don't. Bandana was added just to differentiate Kryjti from other female Baratians.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy and be welcome to share thoughts and comments. I'm thinking about changing her the color of her armor, they remind me way too much of my room's colors.

Mature content for nudity.

EDIT: I changed the color of her armor! Much better.

Mass Effect © Bioware
Character, Artwork © Monica Z. (~Yoko-Wind)
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© 2012 - 2021 zabka-zee
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Lovely drawing, I love the tattoos you gave her. (:
Crimsonlee2x's avatar
Wish we saw this in ME3.
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Very interesting character. Ever heard of "N7: Galaxy at War"?
zabka-zee's avatar
Sorry for taking forever to reply back.. But thank you!

Are you referring to the Mass Effect Multiplayer or a fanfic?
NamelessManic's avatar
A fanfic on