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Captain Sulis Amari

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Captain Sulis Amari is the Bajoran captain of the USS Jerusalem, NX-66942.
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Lovely work on the entire crew! Never would have guessed Valiant/Courageus would make such awesome SF outfits, with the right texture and transparency maps :)

Starting with the captain, I'll just fav the rest of the crew :)
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Thanks! There's still one more left, the tactical officer/second officer, that I'm still working on. :)

Only downside is that the tunic skirt creates those notorious IDL artifacts, which is unfortunate since I've grown accustomed to relying on IDL. All of these were rendered with IDL off and an HDR/IBL light by Colm from RDNA + a point light for specular and eye glint. At some point I'm going to see if I can use the geometry editor to delete the unneeded portions of the tunic.
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Lovely Render.  What is the suit form?
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Thank you! The uniform (seen in all divisions here:…) is, I believe, based on TNG concept art. Unfortunately, I don't know where I originally downloaded the textures except that they are for M4 Valiant/V4 Courageous--but the pant/skirt/boot textures are procedural, and I redid the shaders for the top based on shaders by Bagginsbill.