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Protoss Legacy

Hi everyone!

Just finished a new digital painting of the Starcraft II Protoss Heroes. This time I could make some videos about the painting process, you can check them on the links Below:

:star: Urun ->[link]
:star: Mohandar ->[link]
:star: Selendis ->[link]
:star: Artanis ->[link]

(Sorry, I couldn't record the zeratul video)

Zeratul, Urun, Mohandar, Selendis & Artanis are Fictional Characters from Starcraft II: Wings of liberty, Property of Blizzard.


By the way, the commissions are open, check here :D ->[link] <--Commissions!!

And Finally, i'm starting to get used to twitter, you can follow me here [link]

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See my painting videos on Youtube

Thanks For the comments & Favs, Everyone!

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On a distant, shadowed world, the Protoss will make their last stand. Their heroes will gather. Their forces will be marshaled, and they will die bravely, but still, they will die. And my Zerg will be slaves to the Hybrid. All will bow before the power of the Fallen One.

Protoss brethren, heed me. The last twilight has fallen. The galaxy burns around us. The Terrans have been consumed. We are all that stands against the Shadow. But if we are to meet our end this day, we shall do so AS ONE. EN TARO TASSADAR.

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In the fullness of time, the cycle shall draw to its end.
The xel'naga who forged the stars will transcend their creation.
Yet the Fallen One will remain, destined to cover the Void 
in shadow.

Before the stars wake from their Celestial courses he shall break the cycle of the gods, devouring all light and hope.
It begins with the Great Hungerer.

It ends in utter darkness.
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Oh the preservers profecy~
Starcraft & it's sequels were indeed amazing and pretty deep in their world building story.
Did you like the game (all the campaings)?
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I always felt like Amon and his servants were just... there. As cool as killing a god sounds, it sounds out of place in StarCraft's original atmosphere. I personally think the franchise could've survived without Amon.
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Mohandar.. a bit of a samurai outfit?
and he looks like Master Yi (from League of Legends) O.o with 5 eyes less
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I remember it was a bit difficult to complete his outfif based on the avatar video. :3

I'm not a LoL player, but ithey seem very look a like. Nice observation.
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God, this is epic! I wish it was in 16:9 so I could use it as my desktop background! Is there any chance of you putting together another version of this?
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Actually, I was planning to add the new protoss heroes , but i have to make some commission, and the work at the office is killing me ;_;.
...Maybe adding to black frames up and down of the illustration...
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I might commission you to make another version of this XD but unfortunately I don't exactly have any points, so... yeah, I guess I'll settle for two black strips.
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Wise choice, i don't do point commissions o_o"

But you know... here i made a quick wallpaper using my Original PSD file :) have a nice post-christmas and please share with others…

Happy new year, btw :D
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Oh wow! That's a lot better than two black strips :D (Big Grin) Thank you so much, it's awesome.
Happy new year to you too!
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Your welcome.
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=O con permiso, me bajaré una copia para mi colección personal ^^

...faltaron Tassadar y Fenix! :D
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permiso concedido, heheh ^^
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For Adun, for Aiur, figth bravely my brotheren
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Thanks for the reply
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Thanks to you for the support ^^
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March boldly! Without fear! Remarkable feat of digital art. Maybe, if I may be so brash, one of the best Protoss concept arts out there.
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