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Under Da Sea 4

Here it is folks, the long awaited finale! Art by :iconburnup19: many thanks for all the hard work! Hope you enjoy; story concludes below.

Virturally unable to move Alexstraza is forced to breathe in the air provided by her captor. She quickly grows light headed and her struggles wane before she loses consciousness. The tentacles prove too strong for Yrel who soon vanishes inside the second creature. It burrows under the sand, fading from sight. Once inside she is further restrained by the creature which squeezes her with it's muscular stomach. Now barely able to move her face is covered by the strange, larger tentacle. Needing air as much as Alexstraza, she soon exhales and breathes in the strange air provided by the creature. Able to draw breath again she resumes her futile struggle but quickly succumbs to the anesthetic, slipping out of consciousness. Moments after the attack began little evidence remains that the women had ever been here; captured and held for an unknown purpose.
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Don't worry everyone, they'll be fine.

The sea creatures are only going to absorb the fabric in the girls wetsuits.

.......which should start to dissolve........any moment now.

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Given low long the tiefling's hair is im surprised it didnt get stuck in the mouth of that thing and is partially sticking out of the ground

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Really leaves you in awe. What's the point of knocking them out with gas (breathable no less) if they were drowning anyway? Too bad you don't plan on a follow up. Based on what we know, they weren't eaten and there was a purpose to keeping them alive. Possibilities:

1. The creatures serve a being that would benefit having them as captives or slaves

2. Because I'm getting Alien vibes, they reproduce by putting their eggs into other beings

3. They're gonna undergo transformation (Some sort of mermaid?)

Oh my, that's great. Sucked down these tiny holes at the bottom of the sea; no matter what they or the monster do, nobody's ever going to find them.
z1freeman's avatar
Exactly! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it.
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I need to find that quest asap XD
Feelingbluboy's avatar
Mmmm so we get to think up an ending? Alright then!
z1freeman's avatar
Have at it, should you so desire.  😁
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great ending!! so, are you gonna tell us whats gonna happen to the two girls? ^^
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VoraxArtifex's avatar
awwww. not even a hint?

or are you just leaving it up to the viewers imagination? :D
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Leaving it to viewers imagination.
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Let your imagination run wild 
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It's the last part unfortunately but great sequence. 
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It was originally a 3 parter but I felt it needed 4 to do it justice and I left the story intentionally ambiguous so feel free to let your imagination run wild 😁
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