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Portal to limbo

Edit: Based on the feedback I decided to change a few things.
I've removed the cake, made the companion cube darker and other minor changes.


I had this idea stuck in my head for a while... so i finally decided to give it a shot.
Well this cake thing is getting kinda old... haha, i couldn't help myself. :D

p.s. yes, the cake is a lie...
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That... should be a thing. 83
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Cool! 2 of my favourite game brought togetherLa la la la 
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This very concept scares me to the core.

Taking the fairly horrifying world of Limbo and mixing in GLaDOS'unforgiving and harsh mind... there instead of neurotoxin... so much squishing...

But regardless, I would still play it, and love it :D

Even from the concept, this is an amazing work of art :) good job!
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To the
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I still love this one, but I think the first picture was even more awesome...
When I saw the first one, I was like :happybounce:
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this is really cool! amazing crossover!
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Absolutely great. Love it.
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Could you send a link to the first picture, or has it been deleted?
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This is just great! Love both games!
Is there any way that I could get a print of the old version with the cake? Thanks SO much!
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I can submit it separately as print only if you like.
That would be awesome!!!
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OMG!!! It IS the pure awesomeness! *__*
Both games were really great and.. unique.
And you combined them together!
THANK YOU for doing this!!! ~♥
I can easily see the boy working his way through the 2D Aperture ruins with the help of CC! *_*
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I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the feedback! <3
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I drew something like this! Oh my gosh. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who wanted to mix these two.
Ours are very different though. [link]
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I love your take on it, +fav! :D
Don't know if you know it, but you were on the blog Epbot ([link]). I have to say, I agree with the author - I think I prefer the original with the cake and lighter companion cube. Any way I can get a print?
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Agreed, due to the mixed feedback I'm very much inclined to upload the older version here as well as keeping this one. As for right now, I can enable this version as a print if you like.
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This was a Triumph.
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