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April 11, 2016
Bolin Lavabending by Z-studios
Featured by ValaSedai
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Bolin Lavabending

Playing around with some combos, lava is still crap and needs work.  Idea is that Bolin's special spawns a spot of lava in front of him which he can then bend however he wants with.  Lava should cool down after a while to prevent spamming. 

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It looks really nice; the addition of a camera that's following his movement and actions is super great. I got really nothing bad to say; the inbetweens are nice, the motions fluid, you nailed Bolins look perfect and you have an amazing grasp of how to properly use frame rates.

The only thing I could say constructively would be that you need to clean up some of the lines; little parts that are there for a frame or two and look like they could just be forgotten pixels to be erased.

I love your art, and want to be as good as you, just saying
Keep it up the amazing work.
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that's so good man, i really like it
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NO WAY!!!! Zuko from avatar! holy smoke!!!
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Shrek playing football
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For some reason this is so satisfying to me.
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idk how to animate or make gifs so this is coooooool
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good same end wind bükücü
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Oh, I'm so sorry! xD

Before I saw the title I thought the guy was forming and attacking with pizza.

But this makes a lot more sense.

Looks really good, very smooth animation!
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lol it does look abit cheesy XD

and thanks!
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No problem!
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Siiiiiickk!!! :D
you did this?!
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thanks! ah yea awhile ago
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Oh that is some kick-ass pixel art right there (pun not intended since he kicks something)
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wow really amazing!
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are you making this for a game or something?
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What program(s) did you use to make this amazing piece of art?
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