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Bits of Thrones *updated

Few more character designs.  Mixed in a few of the book designs with the show.  If you have any suggestions/ideas/etc.  Please feel free to share.  

House:   Martell
Words:   "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"
Champion:  Oberyn Martell
Weapon: Spear
Armor: light
Special: Manticore Venom
Notes: Tried out his golden armor in the books, but the design of the spear and shield was a little too similar to the Unsullied so I decided to leave Oberyn as he is.  

House:   Stark
Words:   "Winter is Coming"
Champion: Arya Stark
Weapon: Short Blade (Needle)
Armor: none
Special: Coin Drop
Notes: Aged her up a little to fit more of the assassin class.  Quick and fast, but weak to strong blows.  Her special I figured she could drop the special coin, then if the opponent is near it they'll go into an animation to pick it up, giving Arya an opening.  

House:   Clegane
Words:   "Rape, Murder, Smash"
Champion: Gregor Clegane
Weapon: Greatsword
Armor: heavy
Special: head smash
Notes: Large guy, I kinda liked his armor in the books more, full black armor was a bit dull.  Dunno the words really, any suggestions would be cool.  

House:   Targaryen
Words:   "Fire and Blood"
Champion: Daenerys Stormborn
Weapon: Dothraki Arakh
Armor: light
Special: Drogon
Notes: She doesn't really fight in the show, but I thought it would be kinda cool to have her in Dothraki armor/weapon.  Also her special could summon out a dragon to engulf the opponent in flames.

House:   Lannister
Words:   "Hear me Roar"
Champion: Tyrion Lannister
Weapon: Battle Axe
Armor: light
Special: Wildfire
Notes: Jaimie might of been a 'stronger' choice, but there are already so many swordsman.  Tyrion has a small hitbox, but unlike Arya who is small and fast, Tyrion is small but heavy attacks with his axe.  Thought it would make him an interesting play style  

House:   Tarth
Words:   "Judge us by Our Actions"
Champion: Brienne the Beauty
Weapon: Valyrian Longsword (Oathkeeper)
Armor: heavy
Special: barrage of fists
Notes: Gave her the blueish armor from the show, but for her sword and shield I tried to keep them bookish since I kinda like the red sword design + her sigil on the shield.  

House:   Night's Watch
Words:   "Night gathers, and now my watch begins"
Champion: Jon Snow
Weapon: Valyrian bastard sword (Longclaw)
Armor: light
Special: Ghost
Notes: Nothing special, I figured his playstyle would be kind of the typical swordsman but with Ghost to back him up.  

House:   Free Folk
Words:   "You know nothing"
Champion: Ygritte
Weapon: Bow/Arrow
Armor: none
Special: Wildling Raid
Notes: Looks alot like Merida o_0

House:  Tyrell
Words:   "Growing Strong"
Champion: Loras Tyrell (Knight of Flowers)
Weapon: Sword
Armor: light
Special: Joust
Notes: Fancy guy, more of a elegant swordsplay I guess.  Special he could ride in on his horse and spear anyone in the way.  

House:  Baratheon of Dragonstone
Words:   "The night is dark and full of terrors"
Champion: Melisandre
Weapon: fire
Armor: none
Special: Shadow Assassin
Notes: Basically a fire mage I suppose.  Her shadow baby special I might have to change slightly since I don't think giving birth in the middle of a battle would play out well gameplay wise.  

House:  Bolton
Words:   "Our Blades are Sharp"
Champion: Ramsay Bolton
Weapon: Mace and Knife
Armor: none
Special: hunting hounds
Notes:  Crazy, shirtless, duel wielding while covered in blood.  Fun guy.  

House:  Greyjoy
Words:   "We Do Not Sow"
Champion: Yara Greyjoy
Weapon: Axe
Armor: light
Special: Throwing Axe
Notes: Fierce attacker, likes to throw axes

House:  Stokeworth
Words:   "Proud to be Faithful"
Champion: Ser Bronn of the Blackwater
Weapon: Sword
Armor: light
Special: Dirty Tactics
Notes: Plays dirty, trips opponents, throws dirt in their eyes, etc.  

Oberyn Martell by Z-studiosPixel Style Viper Vs The Mountain *updated by Z-studios
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awesome! it looks like single pixel style art but it's much larger. what brush size setup do use to keep that aesthetic whilst making the image of a higher res?
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ah it is single pixel, just zoomed in x200
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House Clegane's actual motto is "A Hound Never Lies", and House Tarth's motto is "Patient, True, and Unafraid".
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Umm, do you think you can allow me to use this design in my own animation/game etc.? I will be sure to credit you XD
i absolutely love this, but i have to disagree to some of the words, especially Clegane and the free folk, because their words are based on the actions and attitude of just one person and not the house they represent.

to clegane, whose house was founded by the actions of the kennelmaster of casterly rock and hes dogs, and not ser Gregors massacre, i would have chosen something like:
''loyal, fierce and fighting''
''loyal and ruthless''
because from what we get to know, at least from sandor, they value loyalty and honesty above all.

and the free folk
''we'll never bend the knee''
''through winter we prevail''
''every man to himself''

just a suggestion, do as you please
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Do I spy a Bronn hanging at the end of the line-up? owo
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Yup it is XD

Forgot to add his description, gotta fix that...
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Nice~ I can just imagine team battles with him and Tyrion on the same side.
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this would make a nice pixel game! reminds me of the game risk of rain.
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That was a fun read. So is this going to be an actual game you develop or just more hobby/fun stuff? I so wanna play this game now.

I call dibs as voice actor for any deep voiced characters. I might make a convincing Mountain. :XD:

I'd hate to see Arya have to fight the Mountain. One stab of Needle at that guy and the damn thing would bend. :lol: The ending would be like that with Oberyn cept her whole body. :shocked: :shocked

Of the characters presented I think Ramsey would be my first pick, him or Oberyn. I like going for more well rounded characters, not too strong and slow, not too fast and weak, but with good range which if Ramsey throws axes and Oberyn has that spear seems to be decent in range.
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Amazing work but I do believe that is the shield of ser Duncan the Tall that Brienne is carrying and not her own~ Anyway, I love it! 
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in the book Brienne found Ser Duncan's shield and went around using it
annethearcher's avatar
Did she? In what book? I've read them all three times and I cannot recall that....
ValarDorhaeris's avatar
I think it was the fourth... 
annethearcher's avatar
Ok I checked and she never found it, she just repainted her own shield to look like the one of ser Duncan the Tall
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I would totally play for Ramsey and Gregor. 
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Hey nice work!
Really digging this. :)
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wow it is a video game? I love it
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i only watch the show for titties.
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It's Asha Greyjoy, not Yara.  Don't believe what the show tells you.
Nafsi-Sookie's avatar
Wait seriously? Her book name is Asha?
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