Here’s the reason why I moved.

I’m sorry for not being active in my account for the past several months. I needed a break. But I’ve been checking back on DeviantArt everyday to look at artwork, animation and more. I moved to a new account so I can get a fresh start on social media better. I was a newbie when I first started DeviantArt a couple years ago. My whole point of being on social media is to show my creativity and interests and to interact with important people and favorite artists. But all I did was just make comments and add into my favorites a lot.

I got blocked by a couple of artists and I don’t know why. I had my theories that they were suspicious of me without knowing who I really am or because I’ve been liking too much digital artwork. Whatever I see inspires me. Everybody gets inspired by everyone’s artwork everyday. I didn’t show limitations. So that’s why I went beyond my limitations by going into my Pinterest account. What I do on there is pinning down what I like, what others would like, what I couldn’t find, what I need for references, and what inspires me. I’ve been active on Pinterest a lot. For those who had blocked me or so, I’m sorry for what I had done. I deserve to feel welcome and supported, just like I did for others.

I’m going through steps of building a multimedia community dedicated to various artists around the world and the conceptual sense of creativity, inspiration, and imagination. It’s called Z-Star Media, formerly called Z-Star Entertainment. I changed the name because the term “media” (suffix for multimedia) is more meaningful and fitting. I can do more than just entertainment. I can get involved with various activities such as photography, traveling, 3D rendering, baking, story writing, interviewing, animating, and more. Just like what multimedia artists would do. It would be nice to get together for projects and other stuff. We have so much to talk about.

I have a passion project I’ve been working on for several years to show later. I needed some time to organize my ideas. I haven’t found a proper time to start creating something because I was busy with my personal and college life. But I was able to gain back my motivation to work on digital drawing. I was so proud of finally doing what I planned on doing.

For those who followed me as Z-Star Entertainment, follow me as Z-Star Media. I’m located on Twitter, pixiv, Tumblr, Inkbunny, and Fur Affinity. I had to take some time to understand social media better. I was told to be careful on social media because some people can make up lies and cause problems such as plagiarism and cyber bullying.

I’ll be asking for some tips and ideas on what and how to do better on posting and selling artwork and others. I have seen a lot of activities caused by the artists so far and want to get into it. I’m very curious to learn more from you. It would be so nice for me to get to know you all on DeviantArt. I’m supportive and mindful of things. I’ll help you out with new ideas to inspire and motivate you because I have a universe-sized brain full of ideas. I look forward to being a part of sharing my creativity to the world.

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