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Insanity Sees You

EDIT: ~spiralDorgapy colored this! [link]

Sorry for bombarding you people with crap. I just want to quickly upload all the doodles that I thought looked good. :D

Man I really suck at thinking up titles. I can't even think of one this time. It you can think of something better than feel free to suggest it. :D
EDIT: New title from ~Internal-Flame13!

One of the few things I allow myself to take pride in is my ability to draw Asura. :D I've heard people say that he is the hardest person for them to draw. So I'm glad to say that he is the easiest Soul Eater male character for me. :D I don't see anything too hard about him that is hard to draw. Is it his hair? His hair is just a bunch of vertical eyes. Not that hard yo. But I probably find him so easy to draw cause I draw him obsessively all the time. XD

I love drawing Asura's scarves all FWAAAH around him. It takes up negative space!

Hmmm. I think I draw Asura as much as I draw Maka. Actually, I think I draw Maka more.

I think I will color this later.

Asura (c) Atsushi Ohkubo.
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serpentine61398's avatar
i see insanity it's pretty sexy
Fudgefeather's avatar
Probably 'cus you draw him a lot... Although I find his hair is more ANNOYING then hard to draw.
Yessie1311's avatar
You know, you do make drawing Asura look simple. I have never tried it, though. It's probably easy (at the very least).
Z-Raid's avatar
I say he's easy to draw. Half of his face is covered with hair anyway. :D
Yessie1311's avatar
True. It's always easier when less of the facial features have to be drawn, but in Asura's case, I'm guessing he would be balanced.
xX-Kishin-Grace-Xx's avatar
OMG must colour! 8D
Z-Raid's avatar
YAY coloring! :D
AmandaFarbe's avatar
This is an even more catchy title than the last! How do you come up with this material??
Atura looks good no matter what. Mwahah.
Z-Raid's avatar
My brain is just a never-ending fountain of title awesomeness. XD
And Asura is always dead sexy. :D He's like half-naked all the time. That's how sexy he is.
AmandaFarbe's avatar
Your comment made me think of the insane thought of Atura singing "I'm Too Sexy". Damn this insanity. :ninja: :heart:
sakurafan7889's avatar
Title entry - Asura
=D I know right
Z-Raid's avatar
Best. Title. Ever. XD
Unfortunately I already used it. :D
sakurafan7889's avatar
Oh yeah you did... I forgot you could call it asura 2
Grixxynix's avatar
asura has mad skills
like c'mon

causing hallucinations drugs compete with, three eyes, turning his skin to scarves, first words being "i'm naked", growing rather long hair in minute, and dont get me started on the powerful mighty finger pokes
Z-Raid's avatar
You betcha Asura has mad skills. Not to mention that he can blasts freaking large lasers from the weapon he ate and create hallucinatory eyes everywhere. Asura is bitching awesome. :D
Internal-Flame13's avatar
I HAVE A TITLE FOR YOU! it sucks but at leasts its a title ^^;
Tile: Insanty sees you.
anyway. I love this. i love how you draw these charaters ^^ and REALLY love your comics ^^
Z-Raid's avatar
Ooh that's a good title. :D I think I'll use it!
And thanks! :D My comics aren't that great though. XD
Internal-Flame13's avatar
glad you like it^^ and your comics are cuz they make me smile. Accualy it was you 50000 veiws comic with every one at the beach that got me to read the manga so i really owe you many many thanks
Aruethefoxdemon's avatar
Asura is kinda hard, so that's why I made him a kitty. I can draw kitties. :3
Z-Raid's avatar
Kitties are adorable. XD
I like to draw Asura in various ways. Chibi, a wolf, a devil, you name it! :D
HiAndromon's avatar
Hood goes on, hood goes off.
Z-Raid's avatar
A hood made out of his own skin. :D
HiAndromon's avatar
I'm a little curious as to why he has so much to spare?
Z-Raid's avatar
Maybe being a Kishin makes your skin extra stretchy or something?
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