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Z-Parasites is a role-play art group with a sci-fi background that focuses on animals, technology and power struggles. You can take the role of a member in 1 of 3 factions. Events and activities will be filled with adventure, action and reap great rewards for participating members. Not too keen on action? We have activities and events to also accommodate casual members who rather not participate in violent acts. Humans and the Infected strive to protect their own way of life while trying to find a place in society to which they can feel safe and secure. Team up and collaborate with other members, form relationships, and strengthen bonds to enrich your experience.


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Chimera Event 1- The Kraken, Blair Peros LogThe final day of the festivities was here.People were packing up but at the same time still enjoying the beach like anyone else. Blair herself had found a hammock as the announcer read off the winners of different events and brought things to a close.“We hope that everyone had fun and---“ the announcer began to finish before the screens they were using began to static, and the audio started to wig out as well. A broadcast begins, starting with static before changing to a recording of a calm ocean view.Over the sounds of the gently lapping waves and distant voices, a voice begins to speak:"Aloha my guys, gals, and non-binary pals. You may not know me yet, but I'm your soon to be best friend: SHAWNY D, PRANK MASTER EXTRAORDINAIRE!"The text on the screen is accompanied by loud air horns and blaring techno music for a few seconds before it disappears from the screen, reverting back to the calm ocean view."My job is to make life on Invium a little more… fun and no man, monster, or god can stop my acts of terror." A few moments of silence follow this statement, before the voice resumes."The little summer get-together has been a neat change of pace with everyone enjoying a little fun in the sun. No Fighting, no arguments, no arrests."…"How Boring."The ocean begins to churn slightly and bubble, a dark shadow appearing just beneath the surface."So let's cap off this summer with a little side event that is actually fun. I've been prepping a totally epic surprise for all my current and future viewers that is going to blow. Your. Minds.""SO WITHOUT ANY FURTHER ADO! QUIT SLACKIN OR GET PACKIN! CUZ IT'S TIME TO-""RELEASE THE KRAKEN".On the screen a shambling creature appears and gives an agitated gurgle as it crawls from the ocean and the sound of screaming is heard as the feed goes to static, then to black. But the screaming doesn’t stop.Because the thing was just a few dozen yards away and was approaching the event area fast."Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!"The voice says showing the icon of the prankster on the screen as everyone, not a fighter tries to get away.“Of all the!” Blair said as she saw this all unfold. She then got on her emergency channel. “Any forces in the area we have a chimera appearance at the summer event we need gear, and assistance with evacuation ASAP!!” She called out as she rushed forward to help anyone close to that thing.The chimera rose from the depths of the beach, close to where the fishing contest was being held. It emits a deafening roar akin to the call of a whale and starts immediately advancing towards the dumbfounded crowd. The people scatter screaming all over the place while the creature's tentacles lash out aimlessly at them. "Heard loud and clear, gear dropoff in 5 minutes" The radio answers to Blair.“Acknowledged!” Blair said to the radio before she sprinted forward.The first thing she saw was the girl Sayuri frozen in the path of the Beast but the moment she thought to run to her, a blur ran right past her, to push her out the way. She looked different but she recognized her as the little girl from the bonfire. A smile creeped on Blair’s face as twice she had been impressed by this girl's bravery, it was too bad she was with Harmony she would have liked to train her and hone that spirit. She thought she would have to distract the thing but Jason the Tamed Snapping turtle did so far better than anything she could think of, she was glad there were still some here that were quick to react.She then saw Stanford leading people away and thought to do the same, she wanted to join the fray but without her gear it was going to be a lot harder, evacuations were key first. “Head towards the town and between the buildings for cover!” She called out to those running.She would then rush to help move any who were too close to the chimera. And grab a beach umbrella, and closed it for a makeshift lance weapon, trying to smack away any tentacles that got too close. The Beast Fought back though as the turtle was slammed and sent flying into the sea before it’s attention was back on her, and its other large claw was swung at her. Seeing the incoming claw Blair jumped back while using the umbrella like a vault pole into the sand, leading to a corkscrew flip backwards to dodge the pincer. Then she heard the truck.The supply transport with their gear had arrived and she was ready for a real advantage over this thing, with Stanford looking over evacuations, and more infected joining the fight, as they kept it busy, making this the best time to suit up. She still watched it closely as she made her retreat dodging heavy attacks and deflecting lighter attacks, then sprinted to the truck when she had enough distance, stabbing the umbrella back into the sand on the way.[User interface acknowledged, Blair Peros, Rank 1…adjusting load out]She put on her dark armor as it lit up with gold lights, and got her rifle. “HQ the beach is almost clear.” She said into her helmet communicator. “We’re taking it down, and put out an APB for a Shawny D, somehow that's who started all this.” She then looks back at the Chimera. “GG Blair Peros, engaging.” She then goes back in ready to turn the tables. On arriving to the fight again she saw Cami the bear, and Emmet the weasel infected clawing and restraining some of the beast tentacles, even the snapping turtle Jason was living up to his name as he bit into them, but it would all be cut short as after a massive screech the assailants were flung off and the turtle Jason was wrapped up and hurled at them. Blair, on seeing the turtle incoming, ran towards him and jumped on top of him as he flew under her, his momentum sending her into a front flip to which she landed and aimed her rifle…Only to see it running away?… no..“Crap!” Blair saw it try to rush back and stab into the infected fighting it with its sharp legs,in reaction Blair ran perpendicular to its charge to dodge then ran into a slide then knee to aim up at its eyes, and opened fire as it was rushing by, trying to take out it’s eyes to throw it off from the others. She jumped back after that, the others managing to dodge or get pulled out of the way, a few of them expressing need for a plan to take it down, which Blair agreed. The kraken did not stop even though it had missed everyone; Blair's shots went through and one had managed to hit one of its eyes, but the creature emitted a roar and kept going in the direction it had started rushing in, towards another set of fleeing beach-goers. It's tentacles and pincers lashed wildly around it as it went, gurgling roars of pain and rage filling the air as it approached ever closer towards the edge of the beach.Jason thesnaping turtle infected stood up stretching in a way that let out a loud crack from his neck as he spat out a bit of blood from his previous attempt on the kraken “All right, this thing is as Fast as it is Big. So everyone pick leg and stick to it while me and one other person are going to stay in front and draw attention of those claws away from the others. Anyone at the legs go for the joint that’s probably the weakest point if you find a weak spot make it weaker let’s put this thing on the ground. Now Last question, which one of you is crazy enough to fight those claws head-on with me?” He called out.The others seemed to agree, and Emmet and Cammi agreed in their own ways to go for the legs as they all took moments to try and get to the fleshy parts of the Chimera that was exposed, still the beast continued to get closer and closer to the civilians. “Shit!” Blair said as she saw the thing headed closer to the stragglers and the infected trying to bite it down. Then she saw Stanford, her fellow gg in the fire department branch going for the pole impale with the umbrella. She just hoped it was sturdy enough to make it through those legs and under the shell. “Please be made out of metal please be made out of metal.” She said looking at the umbrella as she chased down the creature. She then got an idea. “HQ do we have any shield based units on standby this thing is getting dangerously close to civilians, their only two GG on hand and the infected are just barely holding on.” She said remembering she may have seen something about a shield unit in the RnD files."Negative, Peros" Was the response from the radio "A perimeter is being setup as we speak but you cannot allow the chimera to leave the beach in the meantime"As the creature accelerates towards the fleeing crowd , Emmett, Cami and Jason latching onto its legs and biting down on the softer joints make it trip and tumble sideways, careening forwards like a bus out of control. The infected are sent flying from the impact. The Krakken drifts against the umbrella which bends and is crushed under its weight, but it manages to break its momentum. The chimera emits a loud, pained roar as it starts lashing out everywhere around it with its tentacles while attempting to turn over back on its legs.Stanford after successfully helping tipping the thing over and stopping it’s advance raises from tumbling over. "I really need to ask about equipping an ax to this armor." Stanford grumbled, as he turned his focus in making sure the citizens that the beast had run toward are hurried out of the area and out of reach from its lashing tentacles.“Their making progress… also good job Stan, we’ll try to make things easier on you, keep those civies moving.” Blair said as she was coming to the group but it seemed like they were already on the move. The chimera was turned over and flailing all over the place. She then ran forward approaching the infected and called out to them. “Keep it up, I don’t know what you all are planning but watch for those legs and tentacles if you go for a direct attack, one wrong move and you could be grabbed, or stabbed if you're not careful!”Blair then used the suits power to jump clean over the kraken while it was overturned and aimed her gun down over it and fired on the underbelly, blasts from Blaire’s gun rained on its underbelly, which was armored but not as toughly as the topside, so the shots managed to crack the armor, more blue blood leaking out. The Kraken roared in pain again, its body rocking back and forth in pain. The creature was greatly wounded from the combined assaults, but not yet dead. she would land on the opposite side of the beast and make keeping distance her top priority. From where it lay, flipped over and kicking in the sand, the Kraken seems unwilling to give up. every scratch and new wound given to it only seemed to motivate it to writhe and flail with greater resolve. Dark blue blood spurted and oozed from where Emmet had been scratching its head, and a moment later, its body shook as Jason slammed its severed claw into its exposed head. The hard claw cut deep into the soft flesh and tore the skin. Emmet and Jason were the first to get a fresh taste of the Kraken’s new wave of rage. The creature’s flailing legs stopped their wild scrambling just long enough for the back legs to contract, pulling inward to bring their hardened spear tips at the two infected. The attack was blind and easy to dodge but enough to encourage backing off.Its remaining claw tentacle slammed into the sand with force, its other mouth tendrils pushing against the ground to give the creature enough leverage to help it flip its bulky body over with a thud and an explosion of sand. Stumbling around as it regained its balance on its legs, the Kraken give another burbling cry to signal it intended to die fighting. The infected around her seemed to get a new fighting spirit as they were upon the beast instantly, The Turtle Jason slamming into it again, and Cami the bear, and Emmet the weasel bearing down on it’s legs, even the cat infected Syuri who had been frozen and hesitating in the background had stepped up and had managed to land a blow on it’s other eye, it was a full blown brawl.“So it is weaker on the underside. Alright.” Blair said as she had her target marked but the others were all over the beast as it turned back over. “Can’t get a clear shot…and no one else is attacking the underside, it’s still bleeding though but this could get bad fast.” Blair knew that now that the crab hybrid had its orientation again it could attack more precisely. She went to a knee and took aim but didn’t fire as the others tried to hammer it down with piercing and blunt attacks. She had to wait for her moment. First the kraken thinned the crowd as it sat on Emmet and Cami with a large slam of sand that blasted against Blairs visor as she kept her aim, the Cat Sayuri tries to jump away but is caught by her leg in one of it’s pencers and hurled into the sea then it met Jason's head butt charge with a deafening slam of it’s own spiked head sending them both tumbling back. Still this gave Blair the moment she needed, she could take the shot.However,Seeing Sayuri get tossed Blair hesitates to try and save her but Emmet after slightly recovering runs quickly to do the job, even after getting smushed.Blair saw that Jason was going in for another charge so before he did she took aim and unloaded into the fractured lower belly of the kraken doing her best to try and open it up, and stopped so she wouldn’t hit Jason as he went in. Bullets rained and the turtle charged. The kraken was left broken. Bullets had added to it's many minor wounds, blue black blood oozing and spurting, staining it's red armor and starting to turn the sand below into a disgusting slurry. The second headbutt from the turtle left a great crack in it's once proud armored head. It was clear the beast was on death's door as it's legs shook and it's body faltered… but it was not ready to cross the threshold.In final defiance, it pushed it's legs beyond their normal range of movement to push forward at Jason. With a strange screech, the tendrils of it's face lashed out and ensnared the turtle. More arms began to coil about his body, bringing him closer to it's remaining bloodshot eye, once goofy looking but now burning with unspeakable hatred. The tentacle arms continued to tighten around his body, arms, and throat with a crushing force. Though the creature didn't plan to just crush him. A sudden scraping sound was heard, like a blade being dragged across stone. Even through his she'll, Jason could feel the Kraken's final hidden weapon, a hard and sharp beak that was pressed against his chest and gnawing at him with monstrous determination to carve it's way into him inch by painful inch.That just left the soldier. The face of the kraken was safe with it's living shield of the turtle, but that didn't mean it wasn't going to retaliate. The remaining claw tentacle took aim, firing down at Blair with the force and speed of a steam piston. It stretched out and landed a hard slam against her armor to knock her back. Blair was sent flying backwards as the tentacle made contact. She hit the sand with a bit of a roll, the armor absorbing most of the shock, her arm had a shock grip on her gun and clung onto it like a vice.When the tentacle came down to smash down on her she went to roll to the left into a run, and as she was getting up tried to fire into the tentacle before it retreated.Her chest throbbed but she couldn’t stop yet, as she tried to run to the beast's flank, and would fire at the tentacles and try to avoid them in a run and gun.The claw tentacle retreated but a moment before it resumed it's task of trying to end Blair. Slamming into the ground again and again with explosions of sand as she continued to run and shoot. Even as her weapon blew chunks out of it's flesh and cracked the armor, still it tried to strike her down even as it's movements became slower and weaker. Looking at the Situation Cami was down Emmet was down, and Jason the turtle was being squeezed to death in its Vice grip and the tentacles from the beast continued to lash at her, her Adrenaline kicked up and she pulled at the trigger of her gun as her body bent, jumped, and swung around in dodges to avoid getting hit again, as long as she had breath she couldn't let this thing have its way.She had to keep moving forward.It was as the claw tentacle raised up again, posing for a final strike… the Kraken's body gave a violent shudder. The tentacle went limp and flopped into the sand, useless. Another shudder, the tendril arms loosened at once and dropped Jason in an unceremonious heap.Behind the creature, Sayuri's desperate act of impaling it's old wounds with the broken oar seemed to have been the straw that broke the camel's back as the creature had been too distracted by the combined efforts of Jason and Blair to defend itself. As Sayuri pushed the wooden spike deeper into it's soft fleshy head, she was rewarded for her efforts by a burst of blue-black blood covering her as the creature gave a single, final shudder.With a mighty thud, the legs of the creature crumbled under it's weight as it dropped to the ground dead.As the chimera fell a calm stretched over the beach as the victors were all but half dead after the fight. Blair herself vision blurred as she struggled to maintain her footing, despite that she could have sworn she could hear the sound of a drone beeping then flying away from above them.--- Somewhere else the culprit looked over their work…"Man, those guys really know how to put on a show huh? I mean, it ended up being a bit low stakes for me, but still worth the watch even if nobody died. Make sure to tell them what you thought of the fight if you see them in the street though, I'm sure they would love to hear your feedback for the future. And that… my good friends is a good place to end the stream. You know the usual business kids, smash that subscribe button like it owes you money and I will be seeing you all again very soon"With a few final keyboard taps, the stream went dead and the recording studio went quiet. The person in the booth chuckled as they set to the next part of work. Streams are fun, but quality content requires planning. Already their hands began to click away at the keyboard with a blur of speed as notes were made about the pros and cons of the first 'prank' as well as when and where the next might be.With a 'ping', the work was swiftly interrupted as a chatbox took over the screen. With a sigh, the person worked to respond.Anonymous: Did you record everything as instructed?ShawnyD: yeah, duh.ShawnyD: if you wanted to watch, all you had to do was watch the stream, every click counts you know.Anonymous: I'd rather die. Send the file by the end of the day, preferably a version free of your 'commentary'ShawnyD: KilljoyWith another ping, the chatbox disappeared, leaving the screen under the normal control of it's master… but unfortunately, Planning would just have to wait a few moments longer, there was work to be done.--- Blair stood up with a bit of strain as her chest aches, not far Sayuri with tears in her eyes checked if the others were ok. Blair’s mentor and Grandmother mentor always said all it takes is one moment no matter how strong or weak the opponent is to win or lose the day, and Sayuri had proved that without a doubt.Blair let out a sigh of relief, but on doing so it sharpened her pain and sent her to her knees. “Oooow…. HQ….target is down…requesting medical support.” Blair said as she held her chest, going down even more, before finally hitting the ground, she didn’t pass out but she held her chest as she wheezed a bit, probably a broken rib, or ribs. Still she was glad the ordeal was over, and figured it wouldn’t be the last. She only hoped she was more prepared if and when they ever had to deal with something like this again.These were her thoughts as ambulance and emergency vehicles were heard approaching the finale of the celebration....
Role Plays
Closing hours (RP)It was the late hours of the evening. Hector had just sent most of his employees home for the day since very seldomly they'd have any clients in the last hours of the evening and Hector himself liked to tidy up the place for the next day. It was no problem even at his age, considering the place wasn't a big chain nor as busy as other hip cafιs out there. He stood behind the cash register, counting the bills and organizing them for change for the next day, looking towards the door sometimes, still displaying the "open" sign. He truly appreciated the colours of the setting sun.——————————————————————————————————————————After leaving the Tamed Facility, Lada still couldn't believe she was doing this. Without her cell phone she probably wouldn't have been able to find the place let alone know where to start. Even if she had to wear a collar out she put her hood up to obscure it, including her facial features. Unless they were looking for it or trying to get a good look at her, she went mostly unnoticed except for a few stares due to having her hood up.The only person who noticed her collar was the bus driver as she was paying the fare. He glared at her but didn't say anything. She was glad he didn't make a fuss, it would have just activated her collar and scared everyone on the bus from the dumbass beeping they installed into it. Leaving her room and exploring the facility on her own was hard enough, she didn't want her fears to be realized now that she was inhuman. Despite her fears, Nudi managed to convince her to actually try, not that she would ever admit it. Even with the limitless downsides, she had to admit that she at least got some monthly allowance from the Tamed since she was out of school and unemployed, for now anyway. It wasn't much compared to what money her parents let her have access to but now that she's disowned, it was better than being homeless and penniless.Eventually, she came upon the place she was looking for; Cozy Home Cafe, a fitting name for the place as far as the location was concerned. It was out of the way from the hustle and bustle but unhidden and easy to find. Lada stared at it from afar, she liked that it didn't look pretentious at all, she wouldn't feel out of place with how she was dressed."It looks like a nice place! Let's go inside!" Nudi said happily and even though she shared the sentiment her brows knitted together instinctually, inwardly telling them to can it.Thinking about it now she probably looked super weird just standing across the street staring at the place, with a sigh she crossed the street to get a better look inside. There was practically nobody there with what seemed like an older gentleman manning the cash register. It was good, if there were too many people she would have just gone home.Going inside the bell gently jingled with her arrival, making her flinch. She rather had zero attention on her but it's not like she didn't expect it either. Then she realized she was still standing in the doorway and quickly went inside. Walking up to the man at the cash register, it's not like she was unaccustomed to talking to people but she was aware, thanks to Helena, that this place was a haven for infected.It helped to know she wouldn't be judged but that also meant running into another infected, she was glad to have been given a heads up. The reason she came here was to maybe speak to a man named 'Hector Oliver', Helena had given her his number saying that she could go to his establishment for a more casual place to speak to someone about her problems.Although she had the number, she didn't actually give him a call. To find the place, she went through the trouble of searching his name online and found directions to his cafe that way. She didn't want to talk to the guy right away, she at least wanted to get a feel of the place and maybe him as a person first before talking to the guy.Once she got to the counter, she was close enough to now notice that the man before her had a green collar and odd-looking; obviously an infected. His eyes also had a compound look to them which freaked her out a little but she would just pretend that his eyes were just red from smoking a bunch of weed instead. She rather converse with a stoner than an infected any day.It was only a second but she managed to force herself to speak before it got too awkward. "You aren't closing soon, are you?" She asked first. if she got here too late then she didn't want to order something and sit around before the last ten or five minutes of closing. She might be a shut-in, and this guy might be an infected but she was still raised right. If he was working there he had some level of professionalism, even if he was a monster.——————————————————————————————————————————The gentle dingle of the bell rose Hector's head from his task to the door. A shy youngster stood there, the hoodie obstructing their features leaving Hector unable to tell if they were a boy or a girl. He watched calmly, closing the cashier and smiling genuinely at the young one as they made their way to the register, listening to their voice, now Hector at least could tell they were a girl, and from up close, they seemed to be a new infected.Hector adjusted his posture from the hunched position he was in, smiling and speaking gently. “Ah, no, no by all means, how may I help you? Would you like some coffee? Tea? Please feel free to take your time.”He then calmly walked from behind the cash register and went towards one of the tables he had already upturned the chairs, set them both right-side up again. He also had a menu ready for her. “I saw you looking inside from the window. I may be just an old fellow, but I can still hear your woes if it may help.” He offered.In Hector's mind he knew she was recently infected, most things pointed to that, from the reserved body language to the time of the day she came to the cafι. He still didn't know if she was Tamed, from the Harmony, or simply a stray looking for solace. Depending on the situation he didn't even plan to charge her.——————————————————————————————————————————Even if it was slightly forced, Lada managed to give the man a small smile. She was glad they served tea here, otherwise, she'd just get a coffee and down it in sugar. As she thought about what to order, she watched as the man went over to put down some chairs, feeling a little bad. Maybe she should have come earlier? She didn't want to risk anybody even thinking of sitting next to her, especially if they were an infected which was why she came so late in the first place. Once that was set up she sat down and accepted the menu with a "thank you."Just as she got a chance to look at the menus she couldn't help but freeze at the question. Usually, she would get annoyed at anybody asking such things but she assumed that he was just trying to be polite."Ah, no that's fine." She managed to speak quickly. She briefly wondered if this man was Hector but maybe all the employees here were just empathetic? Either way, she wasn't ready to open up to a stranger. "Honestly, just being able to enjoy the quiet atmosphere here is enough." She said looking out the window, watching people and cars go by. it helped her forget what she was now, it made her feel normal. To be honest, she only said what she did so the poor man wouldn't worry about her, it would make her feel awkward about the whole situation.Having a chance to look through the menus, she was glad that there was a good selection of tea, even if it was primarily coffee or other caffeinated drinks. "I'll have one large chai tea, please." She asked politely. Granted she was used to having 'specialty' teas with a bunch of stuff added into it like boba or bubble tea but since it was close to closing she didn't want to push her luck or her wallet. Not that the drinks were expensive or anything but she kind of wanted to stock up on funds to get a vintage DVD player for herself and any anime she would manage to find down the line.——————————————————————————————————————————Hector nodded with a smile, he could certainly agree with the feeling.Hector moved back towards the kitchen before speaking. “Ah, I can certainly agree. Sometimes a peaceful and quiet place is all someone needs to feel whole again.” The sound of the water and boiler running, as well as a rummage through the cabinets could be heard as he prepared her order. “Ah, here we are... Anything to eat?” He asked, slightly louder so she could hear him from a distance.“Chai tea is always better with some dessert, I believe…” As he babbled, the tea was ready. He placed on a silver platter around half of the large glass mug and put beside it two small jars, labeled milk and the other labeled milk with a flame symbol.Hector moving towards the girl with the silver platter. “Here we go dear... a large Chai Tea.” Pausing, he then pointed at the jars in order. “This one has cold milk, this one has hot milk, the tea is already piping hot so you can control the temperature of your tea that way. Ah... and this small cup has sugar for you, and here are the spoons for mixing. Would you prefer a metal straw or no?”Hector was considerably concerned with customer satisfaction, especially with customers he hoped to become frequent clients. “I hope you enjoy the tea young miss! I may not have the fanciest cafι of the island, but I certainly prize myself on the most cozy.” He chuckled——————————————————————————————————————————Once he left her side, Lada was starting to feel stuffy and remembered her hoodie was still up. Putting it back down she fixed any stray hairs before looking back outside. "He seems nice, I like him," Nudi said, to which she ignored. Looking back out the window she then touched her cheek, trying to see which side the vein was on. Just as she realized it was on the side facing the window she flinched as the cafι employee started speaking to her again.Since her back was towards him she had to turn around, it was then she found the perfect excuse to change seats- until he brought her drink to her, with two other beverages. "Well I did eat before coming here," she said, thinking about it. The desserts on the menu weren't expensive but since it was the end of the day she just assumed he was trying to get rid of whatever was left. "I'll take you up on your suggestion then, two sugar cookies please." She didn't know if there was any left but she did have two or three backup cookies in mind.She was going to ask what the extra jars were but he answered that just as the thoughts popped into her head. As he explained what everything was for along with the straw question, it kind of reminded her of her mother when she was still at home. Her chest tightened but it didn't show on her face nor in her voice. "That's very considerate of you." She said before answering his question, "and I'm fine without a straw, thank you." Not that she didn't appreciate his customer service, which was pretty damn good, she just appreciated her solitude as much as she could.Mentioning that his cafι wasn't the fanciest thing, Lada couldn't help but give him a genuine smile. "Actually I think that's a good thing, that it's nothing fancy." She said, "makes it feel more welcoming you know?" She was a little surprised at herself for actually continuing the conversation instead of trying to end it as quickly as possible.——————————————————————————————————————————Hector walked towards the register's balcony. It was the glass type, with a window so that people could see the pastries there. Though, truth be told, most were already stashed away but he did know the cookies were kept in the jars inside the pantry. As he walked about, picking up the cookies on a paper bag he thought to himself, about how the girl seemed to want to be left alone. Even though he wanted to talk more he would respect her privacy.He walked towards her as she said that compliment, genuinely warming his heart.Hector placed the cookies down near her before speaking, “I am happy you agree! I think the exact same thing.” Hector sat at another table, allowing the girl her personal space. He pointed at his eyes. “I don't want to pry where it's not my business but... You are Tamed, yes? Is... hmm... I hope everything is going well, adjusting.” He tapped the table after asking. His face then sagged on a frown, considering that he had been rude and looked down. “Actually sorry to pry, forgive this worried old man.——————————————————————————————————————————As he went to fetch the cookies, Lada knew that the tea would be too hot to drink and poured some of the cooler milk in to help cool it down. She preferred brown sugar to white but it still worked, putting a pinch or two into her drink. Taking a test sip, it was still a little hot but figured it would be better to wait a bit instead of adding more to it. She didn't want to drown out the chai flavour with milk. By the time he came back her tea was cool enough to drink.Taking a big sip with both hands, Lada gave a nod to the man. It was well made, not perfect but that was on her for not asking for what she wanted specifically. Now he started to pry more and it was bugging her. Why is he so worried about somebody he just met?Did she really look that pathetic?"Yes and no." She said, getting straight to the point trying to leave no way to further the conversation. "It's fine," she said when he apologized. She was fine, well not fine, but if she was going to open up to anybody it would be on her own terms. At least the guy's heart was in the right place, even if it bugged her. Once it was quiet, she focused on her drink and took a few bites of the cookies, watching the cityscape outside the cafι.——————————————————————————————————————————Hector nodded at her answer and remained seated at his own table, looking towards the setting sun along with the girl at hers. The lights outside started lighting up slowly, the nightlife visible across the many buildings that towered over the small cafι. He thought to himself; "maybe I should get a jukebox," something for these silent moments, maybe a collection of jazz music. Just then he remembered he still had some strawberry candies in his breast pocket, so he picked one, unwrapped the tiny, red jewel-like sweet and put it in his mouth. He had a very big sweet tooth after all.Hector eventually began speaking again. “Since you are Tamed, we'll definitely be seeing each other again. I am Hector, pleased to meet you, miss!” He smiled. “Sorry I haven't introduced myself sooner, hahaa,” Hector said, a bit embarrassed at his lack of formality.——————————————————————————————————————————As the silence continued, Lada enjoyed it along with the cafe's ambience. She took her time with her drink and cookies, by the time the man spoke again she had a single sip of her drink and half a cookie left. Facing him she couldn't help but give him a blank stare at first, not realizing he was Hector until he introduced himself. "Oh uh, it's nice to meet you, Hector." She said, managing not to stumble too much."Actually, This place was recommended to me by Miss Willow. Said that if I wanted a more 'casual' setting to talk this would be the place." She explained. "I can't say whether I'll come back or not. You have a nice establishment but, hmm, I guess more of a homebody is the best way to describe it? My name is Lada Kwan by the way." She said before turning back to what was left of her drink and snack.Hopefully, he wouldn't be too offended but it really did take a lot of courage to come here, even when she wasn't infected she didn't venture outside of her home much unless her mom needed help with grocery shopping.——————————————————————————————————————————Hector nodded, hearing that Helena had recommended his place put a smile on his face. He also took notice of her surprise and hesitation when he mentioned his name, listening to her with his full attention.Hector scratched the back of his head as he spoke, “Helena recommended? Aw shucks, that girl thinks too highly of me. But that's about right, even though this is one of the few places a Tamed can come and take off their necklaces, most prefer the bustling of the Tamed restaurant a few blocks ahead. “He spoke, laying his head on one of his hands.“Most of my clients are people that have been coming to this cafι even before the Tamed were founded, but that's a story for another day.” He said wistfully.“I know how some recently infected folks find it... hard, you know? to adapt to the eyes of people...looking at you differently. I have some tables on the back of the cafι in a gardened area if you ever come and it's too full of people.” He held his finger up before continuing. “And don't worry about coming frequently or not, take your time adjusting. If you wish, you could always call for a delivery,” he chuckled.“Though, then there are more interesting options to ask for delivery, hahaha! It is my pleasure to meet you, Kwan, I hope to see you again when you feel more at ease!” He then flashed her another smile.——————————————————————————————————————————As Hector explained about getting used to being infected Lada couldn't help but tense a little. Necklaces? They're collars. "Lada are you okay?" The parasite asked but as usual, she ignored it. "Of course they... do." She said, struggling to even consider that she was one of them. She'd never get used to it, what she has become.Lada believed that eventually they would invent a treatment to get rid of this horrid infection. They had to. Still, she needed to focus on the part of the conversation that was a plus instead of negative, becoming relaxed."I'd like that, thank you." She said, to both things that were offered. Hector seemed like an attentive individual, so he probably would have noticed her reaction even if it was slight. Getting up from her seat, Lada didn't exactly know what the expectations of the place were of customers but she assumed it would be best to throw away her trash. She knew better than to rely on the only other person here to clean her mess."Anyways, I enjoyed my stay here even if it wasn't for very long." She said, trying to cut off all chances of him asking. Taking out her wallet she then tried to remember how much everything was, it couldn't be larger than five dollars, right? Then again, he was counting the register, wasn't he? It would be better to give exact change so he wouldn't have to start over.——————————————————————————————————————————Hector got up from his chair, walking towards the cash register, however with a smile, he simply closed it with a ding.“Don't worry about it this time, think of it as a free drink for the first visit, how about that?” Hector’s voice was amicable as he spoke, holding a finger up. “If, however, you insist on paying me, I would be happy if you simply made an effort in coming here another time, no matter how long it may take. My doors are always open.”With a hum and tap on the counter, he realized most everything was packed away and ready for closing. “Well, you may not have stayed for long, but you certainly got the best view of the setting sun that this city could offer. I just have to turn off the lights now, I'll see you to the door shortly.” He turned his back towards the kitchen to double check that everything was dutifully off and no fire hazards remained.——————————————————————————————————————————Lada blinked in surprise at Hector before putting her wallet away. She wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. "Thanks," was all she could really say.As Hector was double-checking the kitchen, Lada made her way over to the lone trash bin to discard the napkins and other non-reusable items. Since Hector seemed to be still closing up the kitchen, Lada made her way back to the table and tried to sneakily bring the silver platter carrying the jars and empty cup to the counter.It was uncertain if she would make plans to come or not, but either way, she rather avoided as much social interaction as possible. With Hector’s back still turned she then tried to sneak away before he could say anymore.——————————————————————————————————————————As Hector checked everything, he heard the sound of the tray being set at the counter. He was happy she was so attentive, but these youngsters are always in a hurry. He didn't want to slow her down.As she went for the door, Hector piping up from the back. “I'll take care of the tray, I don't want to hold you from any appointments you may have dear, thank you for the company!”He wasn't very sure if she was still there, but he was happy to have made a new acquaintance today nonetheless——————————————————————————————————————————Just when she thought she was in the clear, she froze in place just as she turned to the exit. "...It's nothing. Next time I'll come earlier." She said before making her way out of the establishment. She forgot if there was a curfew for those staying at the Tamed Facility but if there was she didn't want to find out the hard way. "I like him! We'll come back soon right?" Nudi asked, but received no answer. Pulling her hoodie back up, she then made her way across the street towards the bus stop and made her way back to the Facility before nightfall.
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