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Z-Parasites is a role-play art group with a sci-fi background that focuses on animals, technology and power struggles. You can take the role of a member in 1 of 3 factions. Events and activities will be filled with adventure, action and reap great rewards for participating members. Not too keen on action? We have activities and events to also accommodate casual members who rather not participate in violent acts. Humans and the Infected strive to protect their own way of life while trying to find a place in society to which they can feel safe and secure. Team up and collaborate with other members, form relationships, and strengthen bonds to enrich your experience.


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Rusty Mug Shot by TentacledTeaparty
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Missions and Mission Prerequisites
Mako: Mission 0 Pt. 3"I tried the “Mindfulness” suggestion from last session. It took a few tries, but I think it helped a little. I was able to calm down enough to make it to the doctor appointment on time at least." Mako said out loud while lying on his back staring up at the ceiling. A small koala was resting on his chest and he was absentmindedly petting it while talking. "They said the cast should be able to come off tomorrow and then they'll have me do the parasite's physical so I get to transform. I'm still nervous about it…"The koala let out a squeak."I know that I'll have to do it eventually, but still, the thought of transforming into something and then no longer having control over my own body is scary. Especially since I don't even know what I'll turn into."Another squeak, but this one sounded more like it had a questioning tone to it."Others have said that they're able to talk to their parasite, but whenever I try to, I don't really get an answer that's helpful. Communication with my parasite is more like… talking with pictures on it's end? It never uses words, but it'll show me something like swimming through the water most times, or I'll get a feeling from it of how it's feeling, like being hungry. Sometimes it feels like it's trying to help me without me asking for it. Like yesterday when I started getting upset again, I suddenly got this feeling of… I guess you could say warmth or comfort? Like if someone wrapped you in a warm blanket and hugged you."The koala nuzzled Mako's hand that was petting it. "You know… now that I think about it… it's actually really reassuring…" There was a soft chime from a phone on a desk at the corner of the room. Mako sat up, setting the koala down on the floor. It waddled over toward the desk and seamlessly shifted into a small elderly woman who picked up a tablet. "You're getting there Mako." she said while pulling out a stylus and proceeding to write on the tablet. "I know that therapy is new for you, but I can definitely see how it's already helping in small ways and you're doing very well with it so far." Mako gave a small smile. "Thank you Dr. Thompson." "Of course dear. I don't want to jump the gun and start medication until after your parasite has it's physical. So I'll reach out to your doctor once that's done to get the details and send a prescription in with the correct dosage to the pharmacy. They'll give you a call when it's ready to be picked up and you can start taking it that same day. I'll make an appointment for you to come back in a week so we can see how you're adjusting to it. You might feel some side effects, which is completely normal, but if you feel anything other than what's listed or anything extreme, please don't hesitate to come in and see me sooner."Dr. Thompson looked up at Mako with a kind smile as she walked him to the door of her office. "You take care of yourself, and keep working on establishing a relationship with your parasite." Mako had a restless night's sleep, and before he knew it, he was standing in a large room with multiple pools in a pair of swim trunks and his glasses removed resting on a small push cart with medical supplies. Other infected were there as well in varying forms. Some simply relaxing in the water or swimming around casually, while others were racing or goofing off. His cast was finally removed making it official that all his injuries were healed. His doctor was standing beside him, ready to help and get things started."Alright, let's start with your symbiote form. Just relax, and focus on your parasite. Get a feel of what it is, and focus on the traits that it has." "I have no clue what animal it even is though…" "That's ok. Just reach out to it. Open yourself up to it and do what feels natural. Don't think, feel. Your instincts are on a whole new level now. You can do it." The doctor gave Mako a warm smile and a thumbs up, letting their own body shift showing that they were a jaguar infected. "You got this."Mako followed their advice, closing his eyes and reaching out to the presence in the back of his mind. He felt it stir in response. A feeling of curiosity. Mako tried telling it that he wanted to transform. Curiosity was replaced with confusion. Mako began to feel frustrated. "It's not working. Whenever I try talking to it, it just feels confused." "Then try asking in a way it can understand without words. Some parasites are more visual in communicating, or are more in tune with emotions."Mako had noticed that at his frustration, the presence receded as if shying away from him. So he tried reaching out again. He calmed down and tried asking with an image, thinking of how the doctor had changed, and back to his first meeting with Trevor and how he seemed to have done it without thinking. He thought about his confusion in him being able to do the same, and his own curiosity in what his parasite was. A feeling of clarity as his parasite was quick to reach out to him with more images. Sharp teeth, rough skin, the feeling of being large and powerful while propelling through the water like a torpedo before leaping up into the air and coming back down with a splash… Mako focused on the traits and opened his eyes once he heard the claps from beside him. "Oh look at you, that was wonderful!" the doctor exclaimed. Mako found himself now looking down at his doctor. He looked at his hands, seeing that they were now huge with webbing between the fingers and ended with sharp imposing claws. His tail twitched behind him involuntarily helping him keep his balance. There was an area on either side of him just above his new collar that felt a bit dried out and uncomfortable, and after reaching up hesitantly to gently touch the area, realized that he had gills yet was still able to breathe air just fine. "Let's get in the saltwater pool over here!" The doctor said, leading the way and bringing the small cart along. They waded into the water to about waist deep, Mako doing the same. The doctor proceeded to check him over much in the same way they had done during his initial physical. They took his vitals, checked his new infected traits such as his vision, teeth and tail, and took extra care to inspect the areas where his injuries were to be sure he hadn't hurt himself while transforming. Once they were done writing all of their notes down they gave Mako another smile.Alright, now go ahead and let your parasite take over for me. Just like before. You might want to go to the deeper part of the pool though." they suggested. Mako immediately tensed and felt his nerves bubble up from the request, but felt a calm wash over him almost immediately from his parasite. He closed his eyes and started wading out to the deeper water, then let himself fall into the comforting presence. Before he knew it, he was underwater, taking a backseat mentally and observing things as his parasite fully transformed into a large Great White and swam slow lazy laps around the large pool. The doctor took notes while observing the shark and once they were satisfied signaled for them to come back. Mako's parasite let him take over once more with no hesitation, and he made his way out of the pool squeezing the excess water out of his hair.That wasn't so bad he decided, but it would definitely take a lot of getting used to. A few more days passed before Mako was finally deemed well enough to be released from the hospital and return home. Now he sat on the couch in only his pajama pants in the living room. Lydia was stuck at work like usual, and Mako was left alone with his thoughts. His collar hung on a hook by the front door beside his car keys while the television played in front of him on whatever channel it was last left on. Mako sighed letting his head fall back. He had been so eager to leave the facility before, but now that he had, he had ended up making himself a shut in. It didn't take long for him to not enjoy being out in public much at all. The stares he received and the subtle reactions from some were enough to send him back down the all too familiar spiraling staircase of anxiety and depression. Cashier's eyes lingering on the collar around his neck while ringing up purchases, parents tugging their children closer while walking past him, and even on one occasion receiving straight up hostility from one of the baristas at the coffee shop he used to enjoy visiting.The only positive he had gotten since coming home was running into Leon while grocery shopping and setting up a time for them to meet and catch up over what had happened, but even then he couldn't ignore how his friend's eyes widened in surprise at seeing the collar around his neck. He ran a hand through his dreads and continued sitting there until his phone buzzed on the coffee table. He peaked an eye open to glance over at it as a small blue hologram notification popped up over it.1 New Message- LydiaMako leaned forward to unlock his phone and read the text.Hey, boss needs me to extend tonight. There's a big party coming to the restaurant tomorrow for a birthday and they requested a large dessert order, so it's all hands on deck to get the prep ready. Are you going to be alright with getting yourself settled with dinner?Mako frowned while replying.Yeah I'll manage. What about you though? Want me to make something for you and leave it in the fridge?I'll eat dinner here, one of the cooks offered to stay and feed us. Did you go outside at all today?What, so people can just stare and silently judge me again like the other times? No.It was a few minutes before her reply came through.Mako, you know you need to get out of the house, you can't sit in there all day everyday, that won’t make things any better... One of the cooks was talking about a nice little cafe she started going to on her days off. It's infected friendly. The guy who owns it even works high up there for Tamed. Why don't you stop by and give it a look? Mako let out another sigh.Only because I love you and if I don't go you'll drag me there yourself.Someone has to look out for you <3Lydia sent the address and, reluctantly, Mako got up to get dressed....
Events and Contests
ZP: Making Old Friends. by Helios-No-Jinn
Role Plays
Meme Lords
Community Service


We affiliate with any kind of group, but were mainly aiming for:
RP, OC's, animal, werecreatures and monsters.
You find yourself walking down what feels like a maze of hallways. Left turns, right turns, and you swear you’ve seen that one off colored door three times already. By now you’re having a difficult time remembering where the main entrance you came through even was, but after what feels like ages, you finally find yourself standing in front of a door that has a sign reading “Public Relations Office” on it.
Maybe your palms are sweaty from nerves. Maybe you’re standing tall in confidence. Maybe you’re still half asleep because it's too early or late to be doing this right now. Whatever the feeling or reason, you reach out to the doorknob and give it a turn in order to enter the office.
“Have a seat.” You hear from the desk on the other side of the room with a chair waiting for you across from it. The figure sitting there looks through a stack of folders before pulling one out and reading through the contents as you do what they asked. “So, you’re our newest member? Welcome to the family, it’s nice to finally meet you in person. I’m the head of Public Relations.” They lean back in their seat, eyes set on you as they gesture towards you.
“Now then, tell me how you got here, and why you decided to join up with us.”
Mission 0 Art
For this “mission”, you will be showing your character getting situated in their chosen faction. Was there something from their backstory that you wanted to show off more leading up to this moment? Want to give a glimpse into their life before and after joining their faction? Maybe you want to explain how they got acclimated to this new life they have? This “mission” is very open to interpretation, and serves as an opportunity to help introduce your character in more depth than from their backstory on their application alone.
Because this isn't an actual mission, it does not require a mission prerequisite. It does, however, need to be done before a character can try participating in any future missions. All player characters must do “Mission 0” in order to progress further and rank up, this includes when you purchase a new character slot for another playable character.
There is no deadline to have “Mission 0” completed. When submitting it to the group, please be sure to submit it to the “Missions and Mission Prerequisites” folder in the gallery. You may make multiple parts for your “Mission 0” and do a mix of art and writing if desired.
If doing a submission that is in multiple parts:
Please submit each part with a link in the description to the next and previous parts so that it is easier to follow along and review.
You may also do collaborations with other members who may be in the same faction as you, or even a roleplay if you desire. If doing a roleplay, remember to submit it in story format, and it will also be submitted to the “Missions and Mission Prerequisites” gallery folder instead of the “Role Plays” one since it is for a mission.
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