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...dark horizons

...dark horizons

I see dark horizons as I stand on the precipice of my own demise.  I wonder why I was left here to balance precariously on this broken ledge.  The gaping hole of life. They throw sticks at me hoping that I'll fall.  They offer to help me, only to recoil their hands in disgust.  I spend every day living amongst false friends.  Ghastly white teeth wrapped in shiny pink gums gnash continuously, nattering behind my back. I was led to this mantle at such a young age that I knew nothing different.  Now it's too late and I am unable to retreat from the chasm that looms so completely before me.  I am almost consumed by its utter blackness. There w



As i bathe in the pale blue light I cannot help but lament the love that I have lost.  The sorrow of regret eats at my soul, devouring every waking moment.  My Veins run wet with the tears I have yet to shed and as I meander aimlessly through the shadows of despair I lose myself to you once again.  My love, my everything.  Why do you hate me so?

Are you drawn towards the darkness or the light?

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Dude, loved your WoD artwork, would love to see more related to Pentex or the Technocracy

Dreams, do come true.


   . C l o s e r . by ChristineKalliri

Astounding art, really creative artistically, a true breath of life( ;p ) in each that I have seen so far.
Great work,
great gallery !!!
        2015, is here.
        We, are here.

(If only moments remain) by ChristineKalliri

 Let us genuinely… Be.
ok so, i just have this feeling building inside me, and now i NEED to leave a comment.
YOU are the best World of Darkness artist i ever saw. and belive me, im searching for WoD arts a lot.
Your quality of arts are constant, and your style is just simply awesome.
Your artstyle have everything i miss from most of the arts within the WoD books.
You can create the dark atmosphere i love about the game but you spice it with some twisted images, unusual color choices and great themes.
so...WOOOOT! ^^,

P.S.: sry if my english is not he best. ^^
Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such a wonderful comment on my work.

For me, the most important aspect of my artwork is the atmosphere and I'm glad you picked up on that.  Vampire and the WoD of darkness were really influential to me back when I started gaming in the early 90's and I love making artwork inspired by it. :)