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LD - A Night at the Sauna Pg 1 by Z-E-Y-U-S LD - A Night at the Sauna Pg 1 :iconz-e-y-u-s:Z-E-Y-U-S 3 9 Owch by Z-E-Y-U-S
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Here comes the rain again by ahmetfuatocak Here comes the rain again :iconahmetfuatocak:ahmetfuatocak 1,350 132
Wynter Lion
The skies are not feigned, they are
Azul shades are elated, energetic,
reflecting deep, some universe.
An august palace we abandoned
running into the wide, fresh arms
of this countryside.
Crystal breeze, tacid embrace.
Chill and tangible winter--
the vivacity of it all!
Could a white wynter lion
kindle even more
fire in a soul--
A cold and breathing fire
on your neck?
:icontalven-x-lapsi:Talven-x-Lapsi 1 0
And now the drums and stories tell!
The songs and rhythms swirl and swell!
The night is golden warm and well!
In fine halls we dine tonight!
Re-tell adventures, join on in
And drink some red wine with your kin
A merry voice that we sing in
A time to rejoice tonight!
We all are well, forget the war
And play some ancient learn-ed score
We'll drink and drink 'till there's no more
And wake up the Heavens tonight!
Blazing fire and wreaths of green
And banners hung for all to see
Long live, long live, long live the King!
Carry on celebration tonight!
Tradition, glory, strength and pride
Our glasses we have all raised high
We'll remember the good ol' times
But we won't remember tonight!
We dance and dance, the colors blend
A time together we all spend
To dance without a bitter end
To the Heavens we hail tonight!
:icontalven-x-lapsi:Talven-x-Lapsi 1 7
Team Kakko by KrissDeadnight Team Kakko :iconkrissdeadnight:KrissDeadnight 5 13 Dashka -angel- by Talven-x-Lapsi Dashka -angel- :icontalven-x-lapsi:Talven-x-Lapsi 2 3 Sonata Arctica - Landscape 2 by Drakhra Sonata Arctica - Landscape 2 :icondrakhra:Drakhra 13 3
Tigerswallow Desolate
Tattered, tried, orange-rusty wings
Flutterby, pathetic flapping
A drone, drawn-out tapping noise
Thumping against a plastic cup.
The Tigerswallow revels in
some solitude, some exile.
But is he full of sorrow
listen to that monotone.
Tap. Tap. Tap.
Droplettes condense upon the
wall of the cups.  They glitter
like sweat, carbon dioxide.
Don't think of them as jewels they are
hundreds of locks.
It grows foggy, desolate,
pollen floating through
the room's window.
The grounds are cedar, polished but dusting,
a magenta cloth covers
The Tigerswallow's cage floor
smothering the wood.
Trees were thought to be home,
flowers dainty friends.
No, it's not rain again;
tiny watercycle.  Tiny tears.
Globe: some cylinder-type roof.
Antique laces, chairs, a sofa
decorate an opaque looking-glass.
What type of prison would it be anyway, same?
If an escapist name Tigerswallow...triumphed?
:icontalven-x-lapsi:Talven-x-Lapsi 1 3
Sonata Arctica Stamp by koffeeben Sonata Arctica Stamp :iconkoffeeben:koffeeben 67 43 Sonata Arctica by Slaughter-of-Dreams Sonata Arctica :iconslaughter-of-dreams:Slaughter-of-Dreams 53 19
Mourning Doves
Focus on a simpler time.  Some memories
of laughing, ignorance to the world around me.
A small, small town, and quaint old houses
neighborhoods and tree-lined streets.
All I ever needed.  Dreamed of the city.
Imagined lights, and a vast ocean
somewhere on the coast.  Some music
playing a revered tune.  In my backyard
the sky was always endless, white clouds
molding with prairie wind.  The grass weaving,
waving, shaking, rippling, golden
soft and almost rain-sounding.
A secret place beneath some tree and concrete
I'd park my bike nearby to sit and stare
beyond barbed wire fences--and I'd cry,
wishing for bird wings, a bird voice
sweet, lifting,
carry me to the East or the Moon.
The chill autumn, dead around me
but the never-ceasing wind always alive,
hair forever tangled in a tawny-red mess.
Trees and nature, a house in the woods.  My bike
still pedaling, racing down the gravel path,
soaring through brances overhead, leaves fil
:icontalven-x-lapsi:Talven-x-Lapsi 2 5
Nightwish by straycat0224 Nightwish :iconstraycat0224:straycat0224 333 97 Eines by visdviking Eines :iconvisdviking:visdviking 3 0 Zwei by visdviking Zwei :iconvisdviking:visdviking 5 0 Drei by visdviking Drei :iconvisdviking:visdviking 3 1
I can't remember exact memories
I can't recall the same old scenes
Oh, play them back for me
for I only feel warm feelings.
Wrapped in love, a tender peace
Two people joined in harmony...
Watch over me,
for I will cry like a lonely child in the night.
I wasn't sure what was going on
But soon I learned, my mind got strong
And life began, a conscious effort
to impress my loves, so dear.
Oh, cry with me
Oh, rejoice with me
I grow older every single day
But still everything is the same...
We're all the same but stronger.
I don't know why I find it sad
Those memories that we all had
Those happy tears and several years
And love that never ends...
Somehow it's changing all again,
And I am older now, my friend
I'll leave you all to face my world
So different... So afraid.
And my heart can't hold in all these things
So I can write or cry...
You gave me
the most
And you made sure each day
that they could fly.
I'll build a nest, a house with love
That I create, my own, my
:icontalven-x-lapsi:Talven-x-Lapsi 2 21



Iivari Hammonds
United States

Me In A Nut Shell:

:snowflake: I love metal from Finland.
:bulletblue: I love the culture and history of Finland.
:snowflake: My greatest musical love is Sonata Arctica, but I love too many to begin to mention.
:bulletblue: I love talking about music, so hit me up.
:snowflake: I draw wonky comics for the fun, I could do something more complex if I wanted to.
:bulletblue: My spirit animal is the white moth, favorite color is grey, blues, and teal, and favorite number is 27.
:snowflake: I'm a freelance adventurer in the vast world of knowledge. My interests are too many to name.

Current Residence: Simms, Texas, U.S.A. (Near Texarkana)
Favourite genre of music: Metal from Finland.
Favourite photographer: Mikael Rantalainen, Tuomo Eronen
Favourite style of art: Anything that gives love and life into characters. Passion for the picture must exceed the technique
MP3 player of choice: My blue and white RCA.
Favourite cartoon character: Pöysti ja Pekka - Pasila
Personal Quote: If bands became the military, America would wet their pants in front of Finland.
  • Listening to: Pariisin Kevät (o_o)
  • Reading: Beginner's Finnish - Agi Risko
  • Drinking: Plum Juice
As some of you might know, Sonata Arctica's webshop went through a clean-up, and they got rid of alot of the classic, older products... Remember the horribly-designed but eccentrically adorable anti-mosquito shirt of Tony's? ... It's gone! But worse than that, the layered Unia shirt that is just outright beautiful (And only as old as 07) is gone... I can't even begin to imagine why.

Ok, here's my horror story involving that discovery and why you should care! (You can skip to the next paragraph if you just want to know why to care :rofl:)... When I discovered Sonata Arctica, it was during the Unia album phase, and I came to really really love this shirt. In fact, out of all sonata gear in the history of fanzone, that's THE ONE I wanted. But I didn't have a job. My money was tied to the point of I couldn't sacrifice any. All I needed was a job... and well... I FINALLY got one... and could afford it... and now what?! It's gone?! I emailed a long sob story to fanzone begging them to keep making them a week or two longer, but it was politely denied (they couldn't if they wanted to, I know...) So I literally spent hours of free time searching ebay, amazon, and all band merch websites I could find hoping to find it. ...

.... and after all that time, I FOUND IT. Right under my nose the whole time. So, all of you that want a copy of this beautiful shirt, you can STILL GET IT HERE!:… In medium, large, and x-large... it's a legit site (in fact, my outright FAVORITE cd site)... and I know it is in stock because I've already ordered mine and I'm wearing it right now. (It's...... so awesome.... :faint:) But anyway, if you live in America and want it, the shipping wasn't bad at all. It was only 3 bucks extra. Customs didn't cause any trouble like they did with my hoodie. It's totally hassle-free. :D

But yeah. Thought I would share that since it's the last place selling it I could find. :) Hopefully it'll save someone out there a looot of stress and sadness.


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BenHammonds Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015   Writer
very wonderful birthday to you :P :D
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Happy Birthmas dude
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Happy Birthday duude! Make more awesome comics xD
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hi, your comics with Sonata are awesome :3 and your desktop screenshot just killed me :rofl:
Bearuthiel Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
You draw excellent pictures of Sonata Arctica! :) I'm waiting for more.
haloXgirlX09 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010   Traditional Artist
Saraiza Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I love your Sonata Arctica comics :D
and it's good to see there are other big finland fans out there :D
felita5 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010
*_________* I love your pics... I love sonata arctica..! :D nice!
nocturneofsilence Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010
I'm glad you got your shirt! I was just in Germany and i went to the Nuclear Blast offices and sonata arctica stuff was on the walls and i almost died of joy. And i ate twice at the place where they had the Reckoning Night listening session. :) :)
nocturneofsilence Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010
Omg i had to share this with you....



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