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Zanimation Portfolio 2010

Whew, here it is, Zanimation Portfolio 2010. Big step up from portfolio 2009.

All navigation icons I made myself except for "resources" which is credited to *LazyCrazy

Other icons were obtained and paid for from

I reused the sand footer from my 2009 design. I just love it too much.

Hopefully I will develop this by June. Didn't develop 2009 because I was never fully satisfied with it.

Critiques welcome. Let me know what you think.


Photoshop CS4
~40 hours
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1280x1755px 1.35 MB
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Wow, eyecandy madness! Why wouldn't I score it perfect fives then? Excessiveness is the answer.
most of the effects and Icons are top notch-executed, yet, together they don't complement each other correctly, and therefore nothing stands out the way It could have if it had a little space to breath in.

I'll give an everyday life example; I'm going to grab lunch downtown where I work, and somewhere in between the ordinary grey looking people, there stands a gorgeous blonde lady, she is stunningly beautiful.

Now imagine there were no ordinary people and plain women in the scene, only 906090 blondes, not one of them would have the effect of the single one from the scene with the plain ladies.

Back to your piece, if you want lets say, "The future is here" to stand out more, it has a beautiful colorful swooshy background, however, underneath it, is another lovely background. Both are great, yet none give me the wow factor as if it stood by its own.

Bottom line I think that re-balancing the graphics here could do miracles.
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I really like this
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briliant and alive
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this is quite quite awesome, absolutely love the light effects here, love the way you played with the fusion modes, everything looks sleek and really eye-catching, well done!
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Great work !
Professionnel Job ^^ you are perfective designer
What is rate for that one? If we wana purchae that one
Can we get PSD of that one?
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This is an amazing website. LOVE IT!
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Great work !
Realy realy nice :]
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Love your work Z but you just can't seem to finish your projects. I hope you get Zanimation studio on line one day so I can check out your work.
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Thanks :)

I'm really bad on my personal projects aren't I? I pretty much realized I can't do everything I want. It seems that as soon as I start developing one idea, another much more epic one materializes in my mind, and I end up scrapping the previous one I started. Ugh! Also, there's simply not enough time in the day - on top of school and client projects(clients first, personal projects later.) I just need to focus on one thing only - but that's hard.

I designed a new portfolio back in the spring, and have been working on it slowly on every slightest bit of free time I can squeeze out of the day. It will be up eventually.
This is amazing. Great job
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LoL The best layout! Nice nice work :)
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Damn this is great :D
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It's awesomest !!

I'm new to graphics designing, can you please provide some tip and tricks to design this kind of master piece...

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brilliant ~40 hours! nice man!
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Wow,great work!I loved it!
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I really dig the Z in the sandy footer :)

ok, let's move up. Maybe dim the navigation icons and make them abstract and as it's hovered, this version would light up. Also, maybe want to have more emphasis on the slogan (The Future is Here - making it brighter)

Products section (middle) look fantastic, but background color is not doing it justice. Maybe want to use the same purple/pink color gradient in its icons. ending with grey to blend nicely with the next section.

News/Connect/Clients: i would use abstract icons rather than these realistic ones.

footer navigation: same for the top one. or maybe just have them abstract with simple hover effect.

All in all, this is such a GREAT WORK!
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My God , Html css Send ?
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Fantastic Colors & Lightining Effects....
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