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Star Citizen - Roberts Space Industries Ship UI

By z-design
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This was a rather quick (2 weeks) UI demo I whipped up as a "test of capabilities" when I was interviewing for a position at Cloud Imperium Games, the company responsible for the highly anticipated Star Citizen space sim.

It is built entirely in HTML5/CSS/JS, but might not work on some devices as well as IE8 or lower (not enough time for compatibility testing!).

Basically, this is supposed to be a ship catalogue viewer to display each ship's hardpoints, specs, upgrade capabilities, etc. in a full-screen FUI/OS'ish style interface. You can rotate / flip the ship to see all angles and where everything is located. A more polished version would have a dropdown to switch to another ship, but I was only required to display the Hornet.
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Very nice UI.
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Would you be willing to license this general design (not the game content obviously) for use on another site?
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You sir are full of AWESOMENESS
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So did you get the job or not? Cause pledge page still sucks. Oh snahp, it's Zane!
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He works on the game, not the website, that's outsourced.
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Looks really serious game interface for space sim
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Graphic43guyHobbyist General Artist
pretty awesome
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This was done on HTML5/CSS/Js? REALLY? This is impressive! You gotta show/explain to me how you did this, I love how that works! This definitely gets my patented "Thumbz Up Award"!:iconthumbsupplz:

Even Felly Fel is impressed!:iconhappyfellaavatar:
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z-designProfessional Interface Designer
Thank you! I had actually explained it to one of our members a while back (last year), and was able to dig up an old post of mine:


Unfortunately, the image I attached in it no longer appears as a result of a forum software migration, but I hope at least some of it helps.

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Well I'm still a beginner so everything went over my head. :laughing: What kind of forum is this--is it yours? Something tells me I'm going to have to ask more questions before I get the hang of it, like what software in general (Bootstrap, Django, Joomla, or a combo or none of those) and other stuff.

Another template work that blew me away besides yours was this here:


and this:


I would love to know your secrets, I want to design my own templates not use some cheesy pre-made ones unless a job requires something so Simple Simon. Did you follow any tutorials or have any of your own?
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Awww, that is so much better then the current SC pledge page, why didn't they choose it? 
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TheZeisProfessional Interface Designer
The interactice Demo link leads to a 404 page now :(
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z-designProfessional Interface Designer
Yep, that happened after the new site launched. I suppose I should update the link since I still have the demo on my own site. :)
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ManganManHobbyist Photographer
Nice Job! Cutie Thumbs Up
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cool & fresh design, I like it :)
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This is damned awesome!
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really looking forward to the new site!
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Great work. :)
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grinchfoxStudent Digital Artist
I miss doom3 like styled windows...
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Junkan7Professional Interface Designer
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Dae-K Digital Artist
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Very nice
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VectortranceProfessional Digital Artist
Nice work.
Makes 2Advanced seem so antiquated. Seriously, why are they still on Flash?!
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AlphonseCaponeHobbyist Traditional Artist
You can tell your supervisor that your UI work _alone_ is reason enough for me to buy the hell out of Star Citizen!
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