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RSI Prime - Initial Concept
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This is the original concept for the homepage of RSI Prime I designed earlier this year.

"RSI Prime" is the codename for the redesigned website and community portal for the highly anticipated upcoming space-sim Star Citizen by the legendary Chris Roberts. The redesigned website was designed and built over several months earlier this year, and came online at the end of May. RSI Prime serves as the central portal for information, community interaction, e-commerce, and account management for the 250,000+ Star Citizen fans and backers.

The visual design of the site is meant to create an immersive web experience in which the general theme will eventually carry over into aspects of the game UI as development progresses. After the launch of the website earlier this year, the website continues to grow day-by-day in functionality and scope. Upcoming updates will include full-fledged web applications, tools, and systems for managing player organizations, ship & weapon customization, "Galactapedia", and more.

See it online at Roberts Space Industries

RSI Prime's infrastructure and backend was built by Turbulent in Montreal. You can learn about how we worked together to build this site, and what our future plans are as RSI Prime grows: in this video.
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Great help, Thx for sharing! 

I won't forget for your credits ;-)
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jediz|Hobbyist General Artist
wow this is awesome!
how much cost such design?
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Just amazing design work. 
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OUTSTANDING :D .... like i said before ... i pray to god you remain healthy :) ... your skills are amanzing
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Shiyome|Hobbyist Artist
Tjis is really good =D 
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Very good work, this light is so awsome wow. Great future project

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BeautyPixel|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Excellent work! :happybounce: 
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Lisahy|Professional Interface Designer
Art for its own sake
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LaurenceDesign| Interface Designer
What can I say. This is mind blowing!
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EnzuDes1gn|Professional Interface Designer
Really great work friend
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trzyGie|Professional Interface Designer
Amazing work! Every pixel is perfect.
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Andasolo|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Lovely Details, keep it up! :)
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SiM3j|Professional Interface Designer
Not my cup of tea but the amount of work put into this is just amazing.
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Amagryz|Student Interface Designer
Very good work !
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FrankORourke|Professional General Artist
man oh man. I wish I could have a windows theme like this.

Excellent job.
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AlexanderFriedl|Professional Interface Designer
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DEMONKINGFREAK|Student Interface Designer
really great work

how many hour do you worked on this design ??
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I love it ! and the mouseover effect is perfect.
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embyan|Professional Digital Artist
great work!
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Also major props to Turbulent for doing all the web programming and whatnot.
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Love the detail, but in practical terms the current website is awesome. Simple yet informative. Great work Zane!
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The concept was great and it works very well in implementation.  Nice work, Zane!  You have earned yourself a fan.  It was nice talking to you in Austin back in June.
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Crelcreation|Student Interface Designer
Nice guy ! :)
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