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May 25, 2010
Observation Deck - Wallpaper by *z-design
The suggester says: I really like how this piece comes together, combining realism and light play to an exceptional degree. Great atmosphere, great contrast, and the details will have you staring at this sci-fi gem for days, a perfect wallpaper.
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Suggested by synax444
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Observation Deck - Wallpaper

Digital Composite made for Galactic Conquest - An online space game: [link]

Will be serving the background of their upcoming new website this summer.

Set in the year 2097, the image depicts a large observation deck in a space station, overlooking planet earth. Status screens display information about weather, trajectory, angle, and other various ship mechanics.


-1920x1200; 1680x1050; 1440x900; 1280x800

-1920x1080; 1600x900; 1366x768; 1280x720

-1920x1440; 1600x1200; 1280x960; 1152x864; 1024x768


Click "Download" to download wallpaper pack!! ---->


-"Shadows of Elysium" - [link] - by `taenaron

-"Exit Scene" - [link] - by `spyroteknik


-NASA Mission Control


Photoshop - ~90hrs

Image details
Image size
1920x1080px 1.64 MB
© 2010 - 2021 z-design
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This is one of the most iconic spacestation/spaceship artworks I know. Over 10 years later and it still is amazingly well-designed - as good, if not better than others like it today.

Beautiful, work, thanks for sharing

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i found my new wallpaper!! haha
dry-yogurt's avatar
im dying! i love all the detail and the overall illustration!! sooo good <3
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Guys i'm new how do I download this?
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Oh... the future🤔😂
MechanicPluto24's avatar
Absolutely insane. I need a ship like this in my life!
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WOW! That is so epic!! +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav 
hi sir i like this picture so much....can i use it in my game and i will credit you???
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This is so creative and pleasing to look at. Great job with your work!
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Now that's what I call a window. This is so wonderful to look at.
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This is beautiful:)
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This is actually my aesthetic. I've always been a big fan of space, but this? This just takes it to another level. Thank you for blessing us with such a great wallpaper. ouo
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I love this pic. I was wondering if you mind if I use this on my stream with some adobe aftereffects added?
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