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January 2, 2010
Homeworld Ordalla by *z-design
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Homeworld Ordalla

A pair of explorers look out to the flying cities of Ordalla - an advanced civilization. The Ordallan Homeworld.

Matte painting/spacescape several weeks in the making. Finally finished. I originally made this for Troy CLE's "Marvelous World" [link] however he thought the landscape did not fit his story(but he still thought it was cool). I am glad he rejected it, because I could then do anything I wanted with it, and this is what has resulted.

Used many stock images from istockphoto, stockxpert, and others. I've even recycled my terragen renders from previous artworks including "arctic sweep"(the base landscape), "First TG2", and "Summer Calling" into this. Works quite well.

Images used: [link]

I had a lot of fun with the nebula using photos of marble tile. I might put up a tutorial in the future.

Enjoy it folks, I'm now going to go back to working on the "Swift Project" (read journal for details)
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This makes me feel like you're the digital version Bob Ross.

EPandGF's avatar
Piikaachuuw's avatar
Really amazing piece! ☺️
TwistedPhotos's avatar
Amazing. It reminds me of cloud city from Star Wars
Raqalien's avatar
Stunning. I think I've fainted. Clap 
JasieNorko's avatar
Amazing 😂😃
Complete dopeness!!
gutgutgut's avatar
Colossal imagery!
PippyThePretzel's avatar
This is BEAUTIFUL!!!
oticstudios's avatar
SkyCh8r's avatar
Beautiful 😁
rosemaryskies's avatar
KasaneTeto0401V3's avatar
Oooh I like it. It's so pretty 😍
Rasimu's avatar
Completely beautiful 
ArtDaryaDesign's avatar
Nice.....I love it😊
NoobyDraws's avatar
The future is approching
DarkestShadow666's avatar
The future was before. It is now. And it will be soon.
It depends on the time you see it
EliasHUE's avatar
You sir are a GOD of digital art!
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