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The original concept for the ship helmet mounted display in Star Citizen that I did back in April 2014.
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Hi. I'm interested in using this picture for my novel. Can you tell me who I can get in touch with? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Very nice! Just set it as my background
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Can you make a rainmeter skin outta this? I'm too busy to make one!
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Dang. I want one! Haha
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Awesome work !!!!
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Looks fantastic, dude
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was this the mockup or the working version of it.... are all the elements on 3d cards in space?
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Looks very cool my friend, love the subtle lighting and glows for effect :)
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I'am should that I saw this before? ;l
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Oh, I know. This was Hornet HUD
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I love it.  Game looks amazing.
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Isn't this from star citizen?
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Yes. Zane is the lead UI designer for Star Citizen.
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Oh, I wasn't aware of that lol.
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Completely and totally awesome!
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Very nice, clean looking hud.
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