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Ephex web-development

Ephex Web-Development firm.

Client wanted a 'beach' water theme, similar to my earlier design, 'xeon-gradient'. The design went through several revisions and edits before it came to a night/day-like aquatic scene, sort of resembling the beach scene in the movie "Contact" (which I am also currently working on a tribute piece).

Overall, liked the way this turned out.
Critiques are open, let me know your thoughts.


NOTE: If the text appears blurry or pixelated, click "download image" to the right to get the fullview of the design.

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+ Design is beautiful
+ Nice colors
+ Nice buttons

- Font on bottom - services,navigate,etc..
- Font choosen in header buttons ( All small letters )

Everything is clean, and very nice ! Really like this web design, its beautiful. Just don't like the text chosen in bottom part in - Navigate,Services. And personally, I would go for all big letters in header buttons like u did in "Recent Tweets,News etc.", But its just subjective opinion I think.

But I really like the way, you are highlighting logos, some icons like the number in slider, phone on the top.

Hope this critique will help you with another web designs !

Of course, for starters, you should study the programs with which you will create web design: Sketch, if you plan strict minimalism, or Photoshop, if you want to put more emphasis on graphics. It is advisable to study Illustrator to make good icons and illustrations. If you need the help of an experienced web designer please contact website design company

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looks cool. carry on!!
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This is one of  the best ideas that I have seen in a long time. Keep up the good work.
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it looks really nice!
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it's so nice. Impressive background . Keep it up.
Please mail me your contact details for a project in South Africa . I'm Alex
Hi please mail me your contact details , I need our companies website redesigned . , we are based in SOuth Africa and I am Alex

Mail your details to :
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Very very very Nice design ^^
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wow nice design
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Wow, this is insane. But it looks like almost every aspect of the site would have to be a separate image. I don't know if you actually got this into the coding stage, but if so was the load time bad, or do you have some tips you can share for keeping load time managible?
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I agree, this site would definitely be image-heavy and loading-time would be a big problem. Since my last submission (which was a while ago), I've been shifting my design style so as to create more feasible, usable, and scalable websites utilizing CSS3 & image-spriting wherever possible. Learning how to code has helped me greatly in improving my design process.
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Just great - well done. Menu buttons in black would be my only personal desire here...but really great work
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great work & realy nice lights!
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you are a monster! =)))
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WOW! When I open my own business, I am definitely going to ask you to do my web page. :D
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what else to say? You're already a guru who probably doesn't give a f*ck about comments. If not, you're truly my guru. Prove it!
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I read all comments and I generally care more about comments than favs. :)
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Lovely colour scheme.
love this, well done!
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eeeepic work! when i'm looking on this i can say this is better that my church ;D
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