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February 5, 2011
DA: New Full-View Proposal by *z-design This is in the dA-related/dA-Suggestions/Visual Category. =erdile states, "This is a fantastic suggestion to help make practical and better looking full views, without having to download the image. Navigating the image by dragging it with the mouse makes it much easier to view very large images and, all in all, I find this a very useful feature DeviantART can think of trying to implement in the future to improve the site itself!" Also Recommended by `namenotrequired says, " a visual suggestion that would solve a common problem for visual artists in a user-friendly and sleek way."
Featured by WDWParksGal
Suggested by Erdile
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DA: New Full-View Proposal

New full-view concept for Deviantart.
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"TurboColor" by :iconsamborek:
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I like a lot of what is going on here. The user option for preferred view style in the site level settings dialog is alright but you could make the viewer interface flexible rather than requiring a users explicit setting on a separate page. Try auto hiding the main action bar unless the user is dragging the canvas and use delays to determine when the elements condense. Combine this with a pin-like behavior (see the My Beatport left tray ( when you login for something similar) which could keep the action tray open at all times, giving the user instant access to the options you hid away without having to take them there. You can also consider the pin or unpin actions as cached explicit user settings and save them on-the-fly or just keep the user setting page for default definitions (I somewhat assume that was what was implied with that page and dropdown).

This kind of flexibility and scalability is something that DA lacks, and this proposal would certainly go a long way to ensuring a better deviation viewing experience.

Nice work for initial vision. I like that it takes from standard design application viewer patterns (a la Photoshop, Fireworks, etc.) It's not terribly unique to off the wall but it's done well enough and gives user a more natural way to view large canvases instead of a rather terrible popup window experience.

Keep working on the UX flow and consider what the user is actually doing and what they should expect. Don't limit yourself to what DA does right now or what you'd expect a DA site designer might do (no offense to any current UX designers working on DA that might read this).

In terms of user impact this would be a massive plus, however I can imagine DA would cashwall this feature (if they were to utilize your proposal, which I highly recommend they do if something like it isn't already in the works) which makes me somewhat sad, but that's not your problem but theirs.

Another thing to mention is that this scalable viewer could be used in the critique window to allow a critiquing user, like me for example, to zoom in and pan around the design to continuously review the critiqued visual. Currently for any image that doesn't fit the dialog, it is impossible to view the image in full unless you open the image in a new window/tab.
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I totally get what you mean about improving this site. The design of the site today is really quite ancient and not as flexible and scalar as it should be considering how fast the design world moves.

I'm glad my critique was useful. Keep up the good work and hope to see more of it in the future.
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Thank you for your detailed critique. Obviously, the concept indeed does need to be polished a bit more. I was just trying to get it out there that some sort of drag-around viewing experience would be much better than what currently stands.

It wasn't too long ago that they decided to change it again, making it even worse. Now instead of having the side-scroll bar conveniently fixed at the bottom of my screen, it's now pushed down all the way at the bottom of the image. When I want to scroll more to the right, I have to:

First scroll down -> put my cursor onto the bar -> drag it to the right a little -> then scroll all the way back up.

When I want to view the next batch of pixels, I have to repeat this process all over again. It's really a hassle. Why did they do this? Most likely they wanted to try to optimize it for touchscreens on tablet and mobile devices. They probably found that it made more sense to only scroll the viewpane of the image rather than the entire page itself. Unfortunately, this drastically hinders the user-experience for those not on mobile devices.

This is an art site, and so it should be tailored in a way that brings the best and most efficient user-experience in viewing both the overall image as a whole, as well as traversing its finer details; with the ability to effortlessly toggle/zoom back and forth. It's an important aspect of the site that shouldn't be skimped over.

I might do a second iteration of this to present a more polished & innovative concept. I really want to help this site improve just as it has served to improve me and my work. It pains me to see it getting harder to view artwork with each new "change" they implement to the deviation page.

Also, your last paragraph gave me a really interesting idea for art critiques. I might do one for that too along with a more polished viewing system.
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So they did do something like this now... right? :D except not as fancy...
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Oh snap, now I see it.

Yeah, they should have a setting where you can set that view to default.

I don't know if they are willing to implement the google-maps-esque dragging for deviations because of the drag-n-drop for collections and favorites that's already there.
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Yeah... now you just have to click an extra time ^^;

Indeed, good point :nod:
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Huh? They did? Where?
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Also, #hq had a blog post about it :D
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This is absolutely fantastic! The way large images are handled by v7 has irked me for ages; it would be really great if dA implemented this. Especially the dragging option.
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My good sir, you should be getting paid for this idea! :clap:
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It's a really great idea! I think that if dA considers it, and comes up with an efficient memory management system to display super-large images (maybe load it as it scrolls into view like Google Earth's satellite images), it would really make for a sleek professional looking means of displaying images. :)
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I'm glad I suggested this; it's a wonderful idea! :dummy:
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Also another good Idea is to fix deviantarts glitch where the pictures go all dark whenver I use firefox with it the pictures are just black or if i scroll they become black. :I its annoying
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Check your plugins. This doesn't happen in Firefox at all for me. A simple -sandbox mode of Firefox should help you see if its something related to your installation, or a specific plugin ;)
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That's weird, I use firefox and that doesn't happen to me, and I use firefox. Do you have the latest version?
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Latest Version, fast internet, no viruses, nada.
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How is your message thing different from mine????
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Go up to the menu on top, hover over the message icon (or click the downward arrow) and click "Splinter Menu", then refresh the page.
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Oh my gosh, so cool. Thanks!
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Meh, it's a freaking browser. It will take decades to get it right and struggle free
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Sounds very practical. I would love to see it added.
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This would allow deviants to fully appreciate how much work has gone into the artworks that the artists have made. I know that sometimes all the details end up not being shown that much.
I really like this idea! I wish this would come true!
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