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My Photoshop brushes

Hey everyone, here is my current brushes for painting, there are much more than in the image but those are the brushes I use most of the time. Feel free to download and try out! :D
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First of all, those pictures look beautiful. I really like how realistic they look and how detailed they are. I like making these drawings myself, but I am not really that good at drawing. No matter what brush I use, I always mess up. One thing that helped me improve is basing my pictures off of stock images I get from That way, I get to have an example when I am drawing, and it helps me stay on track until I finish.

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Thank you Su phu!

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these brushes can be used for anything, correct?

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thank you sensei. I have gone through a long period of depression and I'm trying to get back into drawing again.

Thanks Zed. I'm also an artist called mhaa . I found this page through youtube somewhere lol.

Thanks for sharing anyway...I'm not sure you check my comment ,tho haha

This is sick art

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Thank you for this..👍🏻

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thank you so much for the brushes

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Wow thank you!

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Holy God, I did not expect so many brushes, thank you!

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Oh Wow thank you!!

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thank you so much!

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Thank you master!!

Hello! i liked your brushes but i have a question, any idea why when i installed the brushes they looks different? the brushes in your pic looks sharpen and good but in my PS looks like this:

Thanks for your help

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only some of them are sharpen i guess

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thank you so much!
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The middle artwork is outstanding, nay...all of them look impressive! nicely done!!!

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I love your art, and now here we go you share with brushes thank's a lot.

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