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It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key.
— Winston Churchill,
BBC Broadcast, London, 1st October 1939.

eNYgMa, usually known as "Nym", Echoes/Ewan's Avatar in Mage: the Ascension. (There is no such concept in Was, so Was!Echoes doesn't get to play with her.)

She usually manifests as puzzles, anagrams, and various riddles when Ewan's in the mundane world, communicating with him through his trinary computer, or through anything that may allow her to throw some message in his face. When she appears as a human figure, though, it means either her mage isn't in the mundane world, or is undergoing a Seeking. Whenever Ewan succeeds in the quests she gives him, a part of her mask falls down; ideally, once my little Virtual Adept gets to Ascend, he'll know what she really looks like. I doubt we'll ever play that in game, but that's what fanfiction is for, eh? ^^

Nym comes in three colours (red, black and white), which is totally on purpose and totally bound to the Snow White motif, because Alan Turing and all that (if my Storyteller toys with all the ideas I've thrown his way, my character will also have more ties with Turing than meets the eye). Originally, she was more of a concept, called the Living Enigma. She took on a more human shape while in the Digital Web—something I detailed in a short story I should post here someday, and in which the apple played a part, only it was radioactive green instead of the reds I wanted to use today. As for her red scarf, it's a sort of "red thread of Fate".

A small miracle happened here, considering I haven't drawin in, er, ages. Since 2013, I'd say. The puny sketches I drew in March 2016 don't really count—not unless I turn them into full-fledged drawings, like I did here. I need to draw the shitload of ideas I have in mind, and this is a start, even though I'm not satisfied as far as colouring goes... but I was expecting so much worse, that I'm actually not so unhappy regarding how this one turned out.

Mage: the Ascension is ©White Wolf / Onyx Publishing. NYM and Echoes are mine.
Done in Paint Tool SAI.
Textures: some random clouds generated in Photoshop CS2 + random binary. Nothing original, but as said above, I want to draw more, not create hurdles by wanting to do 150% perfect stuff right now.
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Chouette concept et perso !
Il faut bien recommencer quelque part ;)