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Santa Reinhardt

overwatch fanart
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why is this the hottest santa's ever???

can you imagine if he's real ??!!!
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love his buffed , hairy chest tho......
big bear daddy!!! (2)
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He's got that classic 1970's santa look to him.
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He reminds of of Kumatetsu from The Boy and the Beast :)
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NOW I CANT WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS ! Nice Picture btw :) I love it.
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Love the chest hair 
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So buffed, hairy and sweety PAPA BEAR!!! Love 
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This is literally what everyone was waiting for.
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Fitting role for Overwatch's big guy!
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This is fantastic! (Also as a fellow Reinhardt I love it.)
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big papa meme daddy reinhardt back at it again with the noiyce chest hair and hasslehoth
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Awesome work and why I'm finding him hot? XD
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OMG Santa why is that so hot XD okay sorry sorry LOL it's really a good piece of art I like you're a good artist
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Dang, son! awesome work! but just asking (this is in game to) WHY IS REINHARDT SOOOO HHOOOTTTTT!!!!!
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