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CBComic: Chapter1: Page3 by Yxanr CBComic: Chapter1: Page3 by Yxanr
Catastrophical Biohazard: Chapter 1: When the Apocalypse Hits

Blah, more drama. Now, you may ask "Why did you put a random meme face on your comic?" and I answer "well, why the fuck not?!" haha. Yeah, I don't know, I thought it would be funny at the time, but looking back it just seems out of place. Oh well.

So page three wraps up Adam's story. I swear he's not a boring person, just not a lot happens to him, kind of like how I'd be doing so much more awesome stuff if I was less fucking busy. Such as posting my comics on time, instead of a day and a half late.

I tried so hard to make Adam's face NOT look like complete crap that I ended up failing on my own face, and had to edit it best I could using Paint. Not fun. Even now I look less like me and more like some poorly drawn chick. Then again, I kind of look like a poorly drawn chick in real life, haha. And there probably shud be a transitional panel of me getting out of the car, but I didn't have enough room, so meh. And I can't draw cars still. BUT EVEN SO, this page is still OK, right?

Oh, and I meant to make the body in panel 2 lighter. As dark as it is, it's hard to distinguish from the dark room. :/

At least there's some gore and zombies, so enjoy.

Next week I'll have a better (hopefully) page with action and a better comment. Cuz I'm just overall disapointed with myself this week.
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October 6, 2011
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