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Marceline the Vampire Queen

Happy Halloween from me and Marceline!

[EDIT] Thank you so much to everyone who has viewed/commented/favourited Marceline so far!
I've never had this kind of response before and I feel quite overwhelmed!


original lines:
Marceline the Vampire Queen linework by yvash

Mechanical Pencil (0.5b); 140gsm A4 Paper
Photoshop CS3; Wacom Intuos³
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© 2014 - 2021 yvash
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Well, first of all I want to say that this is a beautiful and unusual art, as for me of course.))
First that I admit, is that her eyes are looking somewhere, but I think it could be better if she will be looking on her guitar and fingers, musicians do like that.
Another which attracted me, are shadows. I think shadows on her boots and legs unreal. In this pose her butt must be in shadow, but it is not.
Also a belt from guitar on her right shoulder slightly overhangs from it, maybe that was the idea, but it's hard to play like this.
Oh, about teeth, she had only two of them?))
And the last, I really like skeleton-fairy^^
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Thank you so much for the critique!

I definitely think you bring up some valid points. I gave myself a hard deadline to finish the colouring on Marceline before Halloween so I had to compromise a fair bit and the shadows got left behind a little. It's hard to balance when you're trying for a watercolour look, too much rendering will make things look artificial.
I agree that she could probably do with a few more teeth showing. It looked ok in the linework but colours change a picture considerably.

And yeah, I love those little skeleton-fairy things that show up every now and then. Adventure Time is a really clever show, so many lovely details to get lost in!
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I'm happy that you are not offended^^
Your art has it's unique atmosphere and looks great, so I was confused about your request of critique^^
I wish, I could do art like thisLa la la la 
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Never offended. Critique is important, no matter what level you're at. Critique is especially important if you truly believe you don't need it. Everyone makes mistakes and without the help of others, sometimes you never see them. Critique makes everyone better!

Thank you again!
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I'm always glad to help^^
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This is SO gorgeous! I LOVE the colouring!
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This is quite possibly my favorite portrayal of Marceline. Excellent attention to detail, very dynamic, and marvelously posed. Very well done!
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ho ho ho 

hello my new wallpapper 
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I love this piece..
You really cought Marceline in a style that suits her :)
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Freaking adoraaaable
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I like the old school story book feel that it has with a retro twist.
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haha, fun & cool :headbang:
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this is so rad omgg
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IT'S MAH GIRRRL! Love the detail on this, the colours have really made the line-work "pop". Awesome work dude!
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You added the fairy! Finally some one does that ~
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Those little fairy things are one of my favourite details in Adventure Time. I love fairys in general but skeleton fairies rocking out with Keytars? Hells yes!
Thanks for taking a look!
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Your welcome, I think thoes and the dancing ladybugs are my favorite. And no problem
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ahhhh this is amazing! ;uu; I have no words everything is perfect :la:
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