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Update of one of my old drawing

Batman Beyond by yvanquinet 
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Yoooooo this is dope
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Double "Batarangs"... that's the way to go!:happybounce:

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Shinobody|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice! One of the few Batman Beyond redesigns I've seen that doesn't make the suit overly armored. It really looks like it would fit Batman's acrobatic fighting style.
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Not sure how I feel with doing away with the mouth, that was kind of one of the defining elements of Terry's suit, that his mouth was at once both masked and unmasked.

but I like that you keep the slimmed skin-tight style, so many folks try to bulk up or armor up the Beyond style look to resemble Arkham  games, which is totally not what the sleek style of the suit was ever supposed to be. 
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Shinobody|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Look at ANY realistic Batman Beyond redesign (including the ones from Arkham games), mouth always looks weird or creepy. What works in a stylized cartoon wouldn't work in a realistic paining.
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Has more of arkham knight mix
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MrOneEars|Hobbyist Writer
Fantastic. I would watch this show/movie religiously!
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Yukiwatakashi|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love it
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KidiMaster| Digital Artist
OOOOOOHHH great work! very cool version!
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Freakin sweet!
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mutal-ali|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Ashofthewilliams|Student General Artist
i like the realistic batarangs!
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TheHyperChick|Student Traditional Artist
I love Batman Beyond, and this costume is amazing really does him justice xD 
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Meownimator|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This piece of art is great! The show definitely deserves more fanart.
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BJonesD2C|Professional Digital Artist
That is one of my fav batman beyond pieces I have ever seen. I love batman beyond and if they could make a batman beyond Arkham game I hope they would use this design. Great work.
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Zven-Berserk|Student Digital Artist
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This is pretty frikken awesome!
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LOL is my favorite DC cartoon XD
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Nonochy2|Student General Artist
That's so fucking sexy/hot
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Reakon1st|Student Digital Artist
the mask now reminds me of black panther lol
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christeam3|Student General Artist
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Excellent work.
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darthraulck|Hobbyist Digital Artist
wowwww awesome
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