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It seems I have been away from here for a very long time again... and just like the previous time, I got a DD. I guess dA wants me motivated ;) Thanks to Anoya for featuring and Bucikah for suggesting, as well as to everyone else for their support and comments.

I would like to get back to my regular activity here, although it will still take a bit. My piggy is really sick again and I am with her day and night =[


BTW you can find me more often on Facebook
I haven't been that much on dA lately, renovating some rooms in the house, enjoying vacations and such.
In the meantime, it seems my subscription expired and I got a DD. The subscription issue is fixed, by some mysterious person, and I'll be trying to get back to my regular activity here.
I would like to thank everyone for support and comments. I hope I can get back to you and also finally browse some of the stuff recently submitted here. It's only like 20000 deviations, so good luck to me.

Or I'll let my piggy bite thru it =]


BTW you can find me more often on Facebook
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I see I haven't updated this thing for almost a year, which is pretty bad, I suppose. I also didn't expect I would have such news to share...

Previous week was quite horrible. My oldest piggy Świnek developed glaucoma and her left eye had to be removed :( ... I spent days and nights force-feeding and watching over her after the surgery, which turned me into zombie. Luckily, she has been feeling a bit better since Tuesday and I could finally sleep a bit. I still have some concerns because I don't know the exact reason why this happened. We go to the vet this Monday so I hope it will all get a bit clearer...


From other news, as you might have noticed, I have been a contributor of :iconode-to-simplicity:
We only accept the best artwork, which makes it a top-notch group I believe. Please check out our latest Features. I hope you enjoy it. If the idea of simplicity is up your alley, feel free to join us too!

Moreover, you can find me  more often on Facebook.
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i haven't been very active here recent weeks. it just seems that everytime there is something good happening there is also something much worse following it.

one of my guinnea pigs, Chrumek, fell sick and she had to be operated. the surgery went perfect and i was about to pick her up from the vet when they called saying that her heart had just given up...

she was a great individual, with a very strong personality, always reacting loud to everything she liked or disliked. i miss her so much. the house is really empty without her.


Chrumek by yv

Pig Squares by yv


I've been delaying writing anything in here. It's because not many good things happened lately. Life is not turning out the way I expected it. Piece of mind I was hoping to find, didn't come. I still can't find any good job here in Holland, whereas in Poland I would find it in no time. I even hear my partners from there ask about me, interested if I could work for them. But yeah, some things I just cannot overcome.

This situation has also been influencing my art. I have ideas for a few more ambitious projects, but somehow I can't focus on them. Finding job is my main concern now. I think I will wind up reinventing the wheel for a while: refreshing old photos and shooting less creative stuff which has been seen around thousands of times. From the other hand I might use my lensbaby more often and finally start playing with holga (a present from Craig, lost by Dennis a year ago and suddenly found). I noticed that I like those dark raw photos better than the clean ones I usually show here.

In the meantime, I finally uploaded some photos on my Flickr Account. Most of them you've already seen, but I also added some unpublished  pieces. In the following days I will be submitting more shots from Madeira as well. So if you're interested, feel free to add me there.

Last but not least, some of my recent favs:

Path by Jez92 STE 1382 by SONGJO :thumb97091184:
3:57am by theluckynine steps by damnengine wave by dizzi-bizzi
have no colors by Pitrisek :thumb94391865: Rock On by Haen9
Cold winter days by Lomil-Gathiel what is there by MotyPest
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We're going for vacations tomorrow morning. Two weeks on Madeira, Portugal :) It's nice to go somewhere finally, after a few years without any turistic trips. I hope I can take some interesting photos and get a tan ;)

Thanks a lot for filling up my message box in the meantime, see you in two weeks :)
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I guess it’s a high time to announce I am a married person now! Some of you might have noticed that already from my recent deviation :)

Yeah... who would have ever thought… Not so long ago, I wouldn’t even believe myself… but I think there’s time for everyone. Mine came on 12th November :P

This last month was quite nice and peaceful for me, after all the wedding chaos. I was particularly happy that my Mum could stay in my house for a bit longer. We don’t see each other much now, since I moved to Holland, and she still lives in Poland. I hope that can change one day.
I wish this time was the same peaceful for Dennis, but eventually it wasn’t because of crappy schedules at his regular job.

From other news, I was glad to see my friends from Eternal Deformity got signed (with Code666) and thus I can finalize “Frozen Circus” design. In fact, it’s going pretty ok and I’m almost done with it now. I also received a few other requests regarding artwork, and the application rounds for eu funds are going to be open soon, so I’ll get a bit busy these days with business plans.

Well, I'll see you around, and itmt you can see us doing that thing! :P…
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My domain expires this week and I decided not to keep it. It appeared temporary anyway, since I couldn't find proper name for a domain all this time. Obviously, 'yv' was already taken.

So for a few days now I have this new domain  <a href='''>E E R I T R O C I T E . C O M</a>

The name might sound weird but I thought it was cool to join word 'eerie' with 'erythrocyte' this way. It has some personal meaning too. I hope you will get used to this one after some time. Speaking of which, I'd be very grateful for updating my link on your websites if you have it there.

And about other stuff... There has been a dramatic turn in my life lately. Almost everything changed:  I left my home and quit my work. I loved it but working like 14 hours daily for 2 years straight can really damage. At some point I had no more motivation and all the good aspects of the work itself didn't matter anymore. There were also personal problems going on, which still sit heavily on me.

All this brings me inspiration tho. Letting that out will need to wait a bit until I finish cover design for my mate band Eternal Deformity. It has been quite a challenge for my poor PS 'skills'. Must be because the main theme of it is circus, which I'm not really fond of :P Oh well, it's a good lesson.

See you around.
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my website is up finally :] you can check the result out at

hope u like it, no critique is allowed anyway ;]

BIG THANKS to arioth, who designed the background and HUGE ONES to damnengine, who took care of all the annoying rest.

what else from the news... not too much, actually... i've been hellishly busy with my regular work; became multiple manager, so stuff got kinda hectic here. it blocked me for art stuff a bit; and i think i'll need some more time off to recover from that. i am fixing some holidays to go to france, but it won't be as easy as i thought these days.

either way, if u need anything, just e-mail me. i am trying to handle my mailbox at least.
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images and WORDS

Sat May 6, 2006, 6:08 AM
So I decided I should go for it at last.

I've been writing some short stuff every now and then all those years but I always deleted it or put it to my drawer so it never took proper shape. I guess it's a high time to terminate the waste and make it right. Not that I am such a hellish ass of a writer but writing makes me feel good somehow. And since I haven't had the opportunity to make new images cuz of peculiarities of my regular work, I couldn't find better way to make up for it. I expect it will take me some longer time to finish it; it's just amazing how quick it proceeds for now. Perhaps it's the matter of inspiration I was provided with lately by some weird occurrences and newly discovered music. Well... I've already drawn general outlines up and the first chapter is almost done. The working title is "In denial"; I might change it later tho. It sounds rather dramatic but next to that it's supposed to be quite funny as well.

I haven't decided yet if I publish it or whatever, it considerably depends on the final result. From how it looks now I assume it could fit for a screenplay but who knows. I do it merely for myself, so if the result sucks big time I can always put another brick of paper in my drawer.
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