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Before I get spirited away, let me wish everyone a BLESSED CHRISTMAS!!! Don't eat too much and happy holidays!! :holly:

I just got Fatal Frame II and am stuck in it. Realised I've not been playing the game right. That is, I waste my film 'ammo' cos I get so freaked out by the ghosts and can't shoot/aim right to get higher points and so slow in capturing bonus wandering spirits with the viewfinder haha. It's like how I played Silent Hill (pathetically), except me thinks Fatal Frame is creepier... always making my character flee when I get strangled too many times. She runs as quick as a turtle

Wants to replay but am scared to... I play alone btw. that 'Woman in Box" really scares me. She looks like Sadako fron 'The Ring' except more intimidating... I hate 'Limbo Woman' too. She teleports and lunges at me from my back

Now whenever I see shinto shrines, I think of the haunted village. But this is an awesome game, it's going to be one of my faves XD

Time for dinner...
That's why I'm not on dA that often anymore. It rains everyday. Don't mind me. Now u go have fun!!!!! And here are some stuff lined up for completion... no rainbow paddle-pop colors for now....workin on gothic styles :skull:

:bulletred: Gothic Lolita for :icontachiik: -- eep! i'm sorry, girl! can't get the hands right so i've delayed and delayed...

:bulletred: DeathNote fanart!!!!! it's of Ryuuku and Raito~!!!!!! As u can see I'm in DeathNote mode. yes i luv grim reapers. esp Ryuuku who intrigue me so...  then I joined the DeathNotefan club. I'm outta ink cos the art is in monochrome...

:bulletred: Tenchu fanart! yet another delayed artwork... it's of Ayame with her knives. i could've completed it before i set up the tenchu-clan but I got trouble with the props perspective....

Shinobi-in-host of :icontenchu-clan:

:icondeathnotefan: :iconmerlion:

Yuzu Fansite
Hiyahh~!! I have a new clan for Tenchu and ninja fans!! :ninjastar:
All are welcome!

yikes lightning n thunder... better stop the internet now before my modem gets fried to a pulp by the lightning strike.... happened twice to me before, so I am never online when there's a storm....

I'm currently changing my webbie layout... and yesterday I learnt how to make very simple animated GIFs using FireworksMX, though the GIF was pretty much created by bumping around, fiddling with the options....


My Yuzu Fansite:

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:icondeathnotefan: :iconmerlion:

Pending club membership:
What I am doing now: Pocky time!!!! Chokoreto flavor... yum yum. oopss.. dropped one onto the keyboard....

What I was eating just now: Rainbow flavored Paddle Pop-->ice cream. Havent eaten one in ages. I just realised they increased the price by 10cents...

What I was listening to while buying stuff for my dad just now : The Who's 'A Quick One'

I have been AWOL. My internet is crawling and devwatch pics won't load. I've just cleared half... 54 more to go.... pls forgive my absence!!! Haven't forgotten the trades and requests...

say.... I think artists are insane one way or another.


My Yuzu fansite is cranking up again :

Singaporeans sign up here--->
Happy Midautumn Festival to all! No mooncakes or lanterns for me this year... or ever...  yeah, me dislike mooncakes. too sweet....

and after abt 7 months of not buying any manga, I finally bought 3 on Saturday cos the shopowner gave me 30% off on them... umm though I was broke and all, couldn't resist any longer. I had been deprived of new manga for so many months and I needed some 'rejuvenation' haha. bought the Hikaru no Go Gorgeous Characters Guide (this one came out so long ago, only now I had succumbed to temptation)
and Death Note vol 1 & 2 ---  all by my favourite artist Takeshi Obata! They are so perfect... *inspired to do HnG fanarts*  

oh yea, i got my bro to pay half the manga purchases for me... cos he's a fanboy too, just not as obsessed.

anyhow... ***updates on art request & art trades***

:iconsadness-shown: Progress: just told you I'm redoing the twins for you... and abt that little vector thing we're having, I'm not giving up!!! *grunts* not giving up!! u might have to wait a long long time before u can see it tho...

:icontachiik: Progress: Yay! I got the inspiration after reading Death Note manga.... penciling now...

:iconkurohanetenshin: Progress: our collab I'm outlining it in photoshop... the color I will make it gothic hohoho. Your art request I'm still thinking if i should make a black winged angel... too many angels u think?


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I dunno how to use Illustrator.... i am trying to learn, but i give up easily.... anyone knows how to crop pics in it? or is there no option?

currently sprucing up my portfolio with more design-y stuff than illusrations... so that's where all my anxiety goes to... also i got the Freehand software, but what's the point if i dun have a tablet...  

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is driving me nuts. I think i am giving up. I hate the fighting parts. An excellent way to trigger ur high blood pressure. All I want to do is to solve the puzzles & enjoy the graphics....

----- updates on the art request/trades ------

:iconpotato-sack: Progress: 20% CGing. i am trying out the Illustrator program on the bgrd, so that might take longer

:iconsadness-shown: Progress: Penciling... turned out so different from what i was intending it to be. Focusing on doing a nice brgd for ya, need to search for more reference pics of haunted places...

:icontachiik: Progress: can't get the face right arghh!! needs to get * inspired *

:iconkurohanetenshin: Progress: trying trying trying......


My Yuzu fansite ---->

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I have stuff for these nice people. In chronological order:

:iconmiachan: Progress: soon, I promise!!! I've started on the CG...

:iconpotato-sack: Progress: just the head ^^;

:iconsadness-shown: Progress: just the reference pics...

:icontachiik: Progress: just the idea ^^;

:iconkurohanetenshin: Progress: not even an idea =p

SORRY!!! I know I am very slow!!! Please forgive me...

:iconyuzukko: Progress: Half inked sketches laying in my sketch book for eons. A pile of papers with just head sketches...   should invest in a A3 sketch book so I can draw full-bodied pics... got some fanarts without bgrds... i'm like skipping abt the artworks, so much so that I never get a single one completed in weeks...

Went to this Jap Painting Exhibit on 11 Sept. Finally got close to 5 Yoshitomo Nara paintings :heart: I would have oogled longer if the guard was less friendly...

then went to WatzArt 2004 mini art convention. Met :iconflyingdagger: & :iconguyuman: <--- visit them!! and a couple of others who I don't recogise their faces, but do with their artworks ^^

My Yuzu Fansite! Pls visit --->

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that's because i found some goodies to the game lol. uh if u dunno what i'm talking abt, read previous journal entry:…

Art requests : Anyone? I can take 2 more. Pls reply in this journal. I can do anything but not everything. I don't do erotics or things I'm lousy at lol.

Currently working on :iconpotato-sack:

Art trades : Pls send a note to me. Thanks!

Currently trading with :iconmiachan:


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Tenchu: Return from Darkness is a RPG ninja game on xbox. you complete missions by stealth... BUT THE #%$*@ GAME DOESN'T ALLOW YOU TO SAVE YOUR PROGRESS UNTIL THE MISSION IS COMPLETE!!!!! which means i have play thruout the whole damm level and boss stages just to save the damm game!!!

I'm absolutely pissed. I get even more PISSED when my show is on and i cannot stop the game cos i'm more than halfway thru, or my brother nags for me to stop and says my gaming skills sucks and that I died so many times but have no choice but to continue the game over and over and over till i get it done with... :steamingmad:

i take like 3 hours (tho its the easy mode so i have the option to continue) cos the map is like Doom 2 but only worse and I cannot rush in and head for the slaughter cos chances are, I get a lousy 5 points and get my blood levelled to half just for being spotted!!! :frustrated:

ok. umm... I'm open for art trades and requests to motivate myself to draw....

Art requests : Doing 3 for now. The first 3 persons to reply and request in this journal gets it. I can do anything but not everything; namely, I dun do erotics and I dun do things I'm lousy at lol. Simple enuf right? Ok, bombs away. I'll send u a note to confirm and settle.

Art trade : no limit for now.... u can leave a msg anywhere.

Kiriban : I dun do. actually wanted to do one for 1,000 page views but I hit mine haha. I dun care for pageviews and me thinks it's rather unfair so I dun do kiribans (for now lol... we'll see)

Reading : 'Things Unborn' by Eugene Byrne
Listening : 'Yuzuman' by Yuzu
Doing : My Yuzu fansite moved address!! It's relocated and up (almost) PLEASE VISIT?? ---->

a community I'm in:
What's with the new comments system? You can choose to accept critiques or not? Huh? Doesn't make much sense to me. Anyhow, critique mine all you want. Just be more specific okie, instead of saying 'ur work sucks'. At least tell me which part sucks. All right, back to business.

Yesterday I went to the EXTREMELY swamped Comex 2004, largest IT/digital fair in Singapore. Gawd, I hate it there, but I keep going to these conventions. SOSOSOSO many people. Shoving people, brats on those irritating skater heels, old people, and tons of geeks. I'm not denying I'm one btw, but I prefer to be called a nerd.

I wanted to get a tablet and some printing matt sheets, but found none suitable. We (my bro and I) ended up with an Xbox, xbox games, CD-R, DVD-R... oh, and I didn't pay for them except for the CD-Rs (I'm broke remember?)

Spent abt 1.5 hours there just shuffling my feet around the fair (that is, the circumference only) and escaped to the fairyland that was the World Stamp Championship 2004 Exhibiit up a storey. I was truly enlightened and gaping at the collections. Ya, I admit I collect a whole bunch of stamps, FDCs and miniature sheets. Another nerd factor, I spent 2 hours there.

Okie, here are some info on markers (I bought 9 new ones yesterday too) if ur interested. Add if u wish to.
Cheapest ---------> most expensive

1. Chartpak (USA): You pay for what u get. The cheapest of the lot. It comes in single nib only. Awfully bleedy (when new), but good if ur going over a huge area or a sketch. The nib's pretty tender compared to the rest, probaby bcos it's chock full of ink that threatens to leak if u shake it. The nib magically unscrews itself also. They should fire the person who designed the cap cos it's crap. U get these two extremes:  1) get blisters trying to unscrew the damm thing;  2) the cap magically drops out cos it's not capped tightly enough and the ink dries up. But the thing good abt it are the nice range of colors and the lighter neutral colors are pretty and obedient. But really, don't trust that color sticker on the pen, it's so inaccurate that I get fooled everytime with beige and sunset pink and buff, thinking they were pale flesh.

2. Prismacolor (USA): Pretty common. Ok, mid-range, not bad ( I think, I haven't used it yet ^^;) Affordable and good. Each marker comes with a pen nib and a normal marker nib. Tender nib kind, so, a teeny bleedy. No complains abt the cap tho!

3. Maxon Comic Twin (Japan) : It's a new product I think. Cool colors, not a wide range, but good enough. It comes in 2 nibs, one is a brush, and the other a pen (note: NO marker nib). Skinny and trust the Japanese to come up with the lovely ivory-teal packaging!

4.  Letraset Tria (USA??) : Same price as Copic markers except it has 3 nibs!!! *0* I was oogling at it, but didn't get any... Ultra fine, fine flex and marker nib. Nice range of colors, in the Pantone system! And it comes in refills! *0*

4. Copic (Japan): Sosososo expensive! Abt 2 bucks more than Chartpak. Double nib: one stiff marker nib and a pen. Doesn't bleed so u can color right on the edge, consistent color, and has refills. Bad thing is it has an issue with certain permanent markers... it causes your lineart to dissolve.... they prob want you to buy their Copic drawing pens for that reason...

5. Copic Sketch (Japan): Sosososo expensive lol. I think even more than the one above. It has a brush nib and a marker nib.

Reading : 'Good Omens' by Terry Prachett & Neil Gaiman
Listening : 'Nightfreaks & the Sons of Becker' by The Coral

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Yuzu fansite (temporal) :
1. My camera ( I was supposd to lend it to my mom for her trip to Malaysia but it didn't work after I bought the film. The battery case then broke as we fiddled with it too much)

2. DVD player (Strange that worked fine the other day.... it's not even a year old. I'm just glad I kept the receipts and waranty card. My dad offered to take the damm thing to the workshop.. fufufu. So kind of him :))

3. Discman TT^TT (It's starting to skip quite often when I bring it out in my bag... *keeps fingers crossed*)

4. Mobile (there's nothing wrong with it. It's still my darling. It's the phone bills that are breaking me up)

5. Markers (Used quite alot on backgrounds. Umm... sunset pink,wine red, turquoise, beige, blenders...)

6. My Yuzu Fansite (>__< lost in cyberspace... forever?)

7. My bags (zipper problems as usual, carrying too many stuff lol)

8. The... clouds (yeah. it rained pretty good for the whole of yesterday. it looked all gray and gloomy and the wind was chilly yay! but today's all sunny again...)

Reading : Japanese language study books
Listening : Cocktail Capers (Compilation) -- retro!

I am in this community:
Reading : MAD magazine Aug 04
Listening : A whole bunch of folk-rock artistes from Bob Dylan to The Lovin' Spoonfuls ^^
Mood : Olympics mood

The olymp opening ceremony was *0* :jawdrop: astounding. The part where the performers were costumed up to look like Greek myths... awesome stuff. the costumes and the choreography :jawdrop:

I am rooting for my home country and Japan. haha it's the same every year. And I'm keeping a lookout for gymnastics & swimming. Not that I know or am good in either lol. Not really a sports fan, but I used to like sports day in school. cos that's the only time I get to scream at people I don't know haha.


I have a major rant here:
WTH is my yuzu fansite???!!!!! I spent hours FTPing & transfering all my files from the old geocities one and now it's gone!!!! and the host didn't even announce anything, we had to personally go to their support forum, kick up a fuss, and then they tell us they were moving to a new server. So many problems. And I've only residenced there for 2 months odd., please do hurry up. I know I shouldn't be complaining, cos its free but still, I'd hate to have pple thinking I scrapped the site or something. See if anyone can access this


I am in this community:

and got an update in my LOTR parody webcomic:…
Yesterday night, I witnessed the most horrific thing in my life at the bus stand. My bus was approaching and just when I was gonna hail it, I suddenly noticed this ginger-white cat peeking out in a hurry from the side of the road in a drain hole.... and then it dashed out onto the main road with vehicles tearing down the street... ...

I was stupefied and frozen that all I could manage was a gasp and 'WATCH OUT' and 'RUN KITTY RUN FASTER!' was ringing in my head while I heard some cries of horror from other people. The worst thing happened but the cat didn't die. there was no blood but it was like rammed dazed and confused and was struggling on its side to get itself to safety.

I was staring at the victim straight in its eyes while it was in that nightmare struggling position and I stood there stoned like a dumbass... imagined myself running to the kitty to bring it out of danger (it managed to move itself quite near to the busstop) but I stood there like a crap block of wood. Until it kinda disappeared under the bus, who braked quite a few yards before the scene.

Everyone there was like in shock. And I was honestly gonna throw up but was too mortified to do so. Know what my next reaction was? My brother was with me, and i bluntly told him to get up the bus. I think i took the longest to recover my senses cos pple were already up the bus.

My brother who missed half the incident 'cos he was reading sumthing apparently was very interested in the details and I was hollering at him to shut up cos I was gonna puke and trying not to think of it but he just kept asking dumb questions like 'how come the cat was in such a funny position' and 'did it hit the car or did the car hit it'. that sort of thing =/

he kept going on and on abt it later on and I told him to shut up. what a horrific memory!

well... before I forget again, I am in this community:

and i have an update in my LOTR parody webcomic:…
Reading: Last book I read & finished was SpiderMan 2 novel. Some movie merchandise tactic thing. My brother bought it out of curiosity. He's not happy he had to pay 5 bucks to read it & return it (2nd hand store) Umm... more or less the same as the movie. My bro commented the plot was abit rushed. I think he meant the train scene. My answer was a sarcastic "DUH?!". lol! But the book's ok, light reading, don't need to think too much. Now on to that Earthsea quartet book. and of cos, my Bible.

Listening: To that damm stray mewing non stop. It's cat mating season now. Dunno how many times I've shooed them, but they keep coming back. There they go again. Other than that, 'Get born' by JET and 'Decade' by Neil Young.

Doing: a chance for a job illustrating children's books. Gotta submit 2 pics for the 2nd round of 'auditions'. But the competition's so tough, I'm starting to lose hope. Nevertheless I'm forcing myself to work on it quickly. the artworks are relatively easy to do if my hand wasn't busting up so much. photoshop is killing my arm. lol. i use my left hand to do the clickings. lol. pretty busy & tired. and slow. i think i am getting more anaemic.

to :iconlee-sama:
anou.... sailorteam fanart is 50% complete. may take a little longer than expected.... gomen ne!

to :iconhwei-hway:
haven't proceeded from that pencil stage I told u about. lol! don't worry, I'll have it completed by our agreed time.

to :iconkurohanetenshin:
I'm bored now so I just wanna thank ya again for ur Bang Bang 3 request. tho u said it sucked, I don't know why u thought so. I admire you for getting it completed though ur hand still hurts.
Well, I'll be off to the post office now. Business is brisk this week! XD
I meant my business in yahoo auctions. This week I sold off 5 magazines and a CD. See how broke I am? I'm resorting to selling my beloved Japanese CDs just to pay off my damm handphone bills. Nevertheless, I'm still keeping up with purchasing new DVDs and CDs... :D

ok, i was joking abt the 'beloved' part. I didn't dig the songs, that's why I'm getting rid of them. BUT the real thing is I am still owing the phone company 2 months worth of bills. haha. they can cut me off for all I care.

Anyhow, I'm running low on stocks. Mebbe I should put up my DVDs. Or part with my DC & Marvel comics. Or buy more CDs to sell...
the best thing about DA is not the comments but the inspiration (or motivation, which ever applies) to do artworks. Completed ones, I mean. I dug out many roughs & sketches from the cobwebs recently and finished them, to my surprise!

i've done more artworks in this month alone than I did in a year. haha. of course including some freelancing & local art activities. also, because I've been unemployed for some time now. haha. maybe it's not DA afterall.

whatever it is, thanks anyway to anyone who's reading this.
my dad just cooked chicken curry... yum~! XD

Love the aroma, just sneaked away with a piece of drumlet which is whetting up my appetite.

but my dad forgot to turn on the rice!
so we have to wait for anor 30 mins before we can tuck in...
Spider-man... spiderman... friendly neighborhood spiderman...
*the damm song is ringing in my head for days*

I watched the sequel last week.... but I missed the front cos my bro insisted that I take the 4pm show instead of the 4.30 one. When we were 5 mins late, we hadn't even bought the tickets.... I feel like watching it again.... arg! I hate being late for shows!!!

Should I watch it again?

Maybe I should. Ok, tomorrow I'll go. I'll make sure I get there EARLY. But this time I'm going alone.

O yeah, here's the lyrics of the song if you want it:

Spider Man Spider Man
Does whatever a spider can.
Spins a web any size
Catches thieves just like flies
Look out!
Here comes the Spiderman

Is he strong?
Listen, bud.
He's got radioactive blood
Can he swing from a thread?
Take a look overhead
Hey there!
There goes the Spider Man

In the chill of the night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time

Spider Man Spider Man
Friendly neighborhood Spider Man
Wealth and fame
He's ignored
Action is his reward.
Look out, here comes the Spider-Man

In the chill of the night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time.

Spider Man Spider Man
Friendly neighborhood Spider Man.
Wealth and fame
He's ignored
Action is his reward.

To him, life is a great big bang-up.
Whenever there's a hang-up.
You'll find the Spider-Man!

Also, I thought the movie kicks major butts. I wasn't a fan of Tobey until last week. Tobey kicks butts now. Go watch it if you haven't.
I'll be posting more stuff I hope; been lazy these few days.

I'm concentrating on improving my CG too. It's too hard, I feel. T__T

Since I'm bored here's an account of what's on my drawing desk!

-Sony discman with yuzu CD
-2 mini speakers
-Samsung mobile phone

-big roll of adhesive tape
-rulers (x3)
-erasers (x7)
-pen erasers (x2)
-pens (x28)
-marker pens (x8)
-G-nib pens (x2)
-G-nib refills (3 pkts)
-pencils (x3)
-brush pen (x2)
-paintbrushes (x2)
-pen holders (x4)
-correction pen (x3)
-rotoring pencil & pen
-bottles of ink (x3)
-pen knife
-pencil lead
-crayon pencil
-hole puncher
-stapler & staplets

-2 magazine tearouts
-1 newspaper sheet
-how-to-draw tutorial book
-sketch book
-3 sheets A4 blanks
-rubber shavings (abundant)
-Sai (Hikaru no Go) figurine
-nail files (x5)
-pencil case with cosmetics
-makeup remover
-scissors (x2)
-tweezer/pincers (x2)
-facial stuff (x3)
-ticket stubs LOTR (x2)
-spoilt earplugs
-phone accessory
-receipts, paper, trash (lots)
-containers (x3)
-a cardboard piece for candle (there was a blackout 2 nights ago)
-tissue (1 pkt)

My table measures 23.5" x 41". I'm left with the working space just right for a single sketch book. Haha!

Most of the time I work with stacks of paper beneath my work to save space! The largest portion of space taken is by the speakers, wires and discman and half of the table by the pen materials

Facing the wall I have 24 magnets, 2 adaptors, more wires, posters, printouts, coupons, timetable and a postage rate leaflet...