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Ara! threadless submission...

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 11, 2007, 1:39 PM
  • Listening to: the midnight rain outside
  • Watching: Wind in the Willows
  • Playing: looking at contest prizes
  • Eating: and tempted to eat them
  • Drinking: not rainwater
My Submission

I will greatly appreciate your help to vote a nice number for my submission for Threadless (if you like it of course!) I think some of the pple there are pricks so I dun submit as often as I'd like but I need the money badly ><"

I shall be proceeding with more art and giftart collabs projects, I promise! tho me slow & slacker...




Open! Note me if you're interested! Prices start at 30bucks.



Thanks to Mykola31 for kind subscription!

How come the upcomin Transformers movie Megatron don't seem to be the white he is in the cartoon?

Anyhow I soooo remember this intro 1st season of the cartoon -->…

The 3rd season intro was memorable too -->…

My fave robot was that decepticon who dispenses the cassettes... The purple + silver kicked ass!! Also I've always wanted a yellow volkwagen beetle, bcos Bumblebee was one!!

All we did all day back then were watching cartoons and they were so good that even my brother watched the girly cartoons like My little pony and Jem and I watched boys cartoons like He-man & GI joe lol I wanna do Jem fanart!!


And miss coldode tagged me, something abt 6 habits or something wierd:

01 I eat crabs without using my hands. A pair of chopsticks and a spoon will do. i'm slower than others to finish them but then i dun get my hands oily and smelling of seafood. it takes sum patience yes

02 I have obessession with removing blkheads from noses lol they are despicable!!

03 Cg-ing drains my energy so I dun like doing them very much

04 I have phone phobia which means I dun like to make or answer calls but I do it anyway if it's my job but it is an ill feeling of anxiety and dread. Text messaging is ok though

05 I suck in video games, anything that requires me to press 'jump' or 'shoot' lol which is why i play mostly turn-based rpgs or sim games. Tenchu dun count tho, cuz i can take my time to slit enemies throats without being seen lol

06 I slouch


I have a contest going on at :icontenchu-clan:! Do check out the clan's journal if you are interested in joining!!


I have a domain name now :

Check out the SHOP page on the site for original art going at breakneck prices!
Hiya friends,
My revamped website is up!


Pls visit!! :hug: and leave a msg in the guestbook if you feel like it ^^
And I joined myspace too...


Still open, pls note me for prices!

Allo everyone :wave: I'm now in the US collaborating with mr RA909 on a t-shirt project, me here for a long vacation about a month. We've got a couple of horror themed shirts going... they're not all up yet though... Lookie --->… Pennywise from Stephen King's IT… Ghosties

Limited quantities! US$22 per piece excluding shipping (will update on shipping costs for US & international) You can choose your color combi for now :D Make your orders to RA909 on his journal or note him up. Or me, if you like, though I don't check the internet as often... I'm able to bring back a couple of shirts back to Singapore too, so Singaporeans can save on local shipping when I get back but that will be in July.

See ya everyone :blowkiss:
Here's an iTunes survey courtesy of RA909 its outdated bcos i did this 2 weeks back before i moved house and didnt get a chance to post it cuz I was off the internet... till today! Try it! its.. hmm good for bored folks like me

Put your music player on shuffle.
Press forward for each question.
Use the song title as the answer to the question.
No cheating!! lol

Where will i go today?
Carnival - The Cardigans (lol i did walked past a mini one at a bazaar just now)

How am I feeling today?
Symphony No.3 Stardust Stories - The Little Monsters Family

Will I get far in life?
Itsuka - Yuzu (itsuka means when or what if)

How do my friends see me?
Disguises - The Who (very funny)

When will I get Married?
Fade Together - Franz Ferdinand (even funnier)

What's my theme song?
Leader of the Pack - The Shangri-Las (lol this is wrong)

What is the story of my life?
Chikagai - Yuzu (...underground alley)

What am I like in bed?
Don't blame your daughter (Diamonds) - The Cardigans

How can I get ahead in life?
A Sailboat in the Moonlight - Billie Holiday (so either pirates, marine police or illegal immigrants)

What is my best feature?
Rock and Roll - The Velvet Underground

How is today going to be?
Black Math - The White Stripes (i hada do 2 refunds argh)

What is in store for this weekend?
Little Black Cloud - The Cardigans (eeeh why so many cardigans I dun even hear them so often grr bad omen)

What is my life like at the moment?
Star of Bethlehem - Neil Young

What song describes my secrets?
Re-Offender - Travis (hmm...)

What is my current lover like?
Blues in the Bottle - The Lovin' Spoonful (lol)

What song will they play at my funeral?:
Wait & See ~ Risk - Utada Hikaru (hahaha)

How does the world see me?
Migraine - The Coral (thats how i see the world lol)

Will I have a happy life?
The Boxer - The Chemical Brothers (strenuous n painful haha)

What do my friends really think of me?
Lady Madonna ~yuutsu naru spider - Love Psychedelico (lmao)

Do people secretly lust after me?
Should I stay or should I go - The Clash

Will I accomplish my goals in life?
Funny thing - Travis (indeed it is)

Will I find true love?
Expecting to fly - Neil Young (oo i love this song! but not good for this qn)

How do I treat others?
Doko - Yuzu (doko means where)

the end. I don't want to do any of this anymore hahaahaaha
Me moving house downgrading and lots of things to clear ... Most I've sold off at ma garage sale or Ebay (woohoo) but there just tons of vintagey things left that I cant bear to leave as scraps lol. My mom thinks I'm crazy my dad thinks I'm crazy cuz I wanted to keep trash like parts of the house lol the wooden switchboards of the living room & bedrooms lol tis vintagey as hell so lovely :drool: and I'm sad to move :(

AND RA909 tagged for that 6 wierd things abt me:
1. I hate phones more than RA909
2. My dad says I should be a rag-n-bone girl
3. My mom says I should be a rag-n-bone girl
4. My bro says since I like being a rag-n-bone girl i should check out pple's garage sales & find gems to sell on ebay lol
5. I can squat for 8 hours straight doing things on the floor at work (my back hurt for ages)
6. I don't understand why I always land & stick in a job I hate

yay the end! got tons of watches to clear... sorry I missed to comment on your lovely works, I havent checked out devs in weeks cuz i run on 44K internet lol. well cya all soon friends :D

happy new year &
happy chinese new year and wutnot
enjoy yourselves while i rot for a month or two
see you folks bye

Want you guys to meet someone

Wed Oct 12, 2005, 11:43 PM
Chibi Gothic Archangel

EDIT: Well i'm back from the trip gots the sniffles
anyway threw a couple of vacation photos in me scraps & i'll get on with more anime pics hopefully

I'll be on vacation to Thailand for abt a week
Meanwhile Mr Chibi Gothic Archangel here will watch my stuff
yea he looks rather grim doesnt talk much anything ya wanna say go to him

And check out me scraps if ya like creepy stuff hehe

:icontenchu-clan: :icons-t-r-i-p-e-m-e: :iconlemonclub: :icondeathnotefan:
  • Listening to: So Sad About Us by The Who
i recall getting bitten by alot of mosquitoes these past days... not good when there's this dengue epidemic here in singapore. if i do end up in hospital i'll get back to your notes comments and etc if I'm not dead. my pastors friend died of it last week so well... having a splitting headahe & backache right now adios for now :bye: :teleport:


:icongadreel: Anime portrait I just finished the lineart tho it didnt come out as good as i wanted it to. It in CG progress now ^^

:iconkurohanetenshin: Will redo Da Qiao for the 3rd time cuz her current pose didnt feature her cute outfit :no:

:iconra909: ... I hope you dont mind skullman havin flesh... still in semi-ink-sketch stage ^^;

:iconstrawberry-cake: Domyoji graffiti.. actually I havent figured how to put the art on the slippers hehe but I will try me best.


:icontenchu-clan: :icons-t-r-i-p-e-m-e: :iconlemonclub: :icondeathnotefan:
  • Watching: asian horror yay
I was surfin around Phantom Planet's blog couple day bk and there was mention of this japanese Keiichi guy who did the Mario theme on his guitar
WHOA HE IS SO COOL and he made my day! My ringtone is Mario and the other is Doraemon theme which is nice and loud. Currently listenin to 'Lonely Day' by Phantom Planet. yess folk-rock style i dig

:tunes: DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO (abt 2mb) --->…


:icongadreel: Anime portrait I just finished the lineart tho it didnt come out as good as i wanted it to. It in CG progress now ^^

:iconkurohanetenshin: Will redo Da Qiao for the 3rd time cuz her current pose didnt feature her cute outfit :no:

:iconra909: ... I hope you dont mind skullman havin flesh... still in semi-ink-sketch stage ^^;

:iconstrawberry-cake: Domyoji graffiti.. actually I havent figured how to put the art on the slippers hehe but I will try me best.


:icontenchu-clan: :icons-t-r-i-p-e-m-e: :iconlemonclub: :icondeathnotefan:
** edit: rant no more **


well actually i took an hour to write a whole journal full of furious rants the above was just the starting but i've cooled & decided not burden anyone with reading it & deleted the rest mwahaha


on a lighter note i was asked a qn by a zombie movie fan colleague that if everyone suddenly bcomes zombies at work how i would attempt to survive.

came up with lotsa dumb answers like forklift my way out, eat them, ninja my way out on rooftops (weve go lotsa closely packed highrise bldgs so thats cool) or usual chainsawing (we have one at work) but the unanimous one was to torch those rotten beings into cinder yup. tho if they caught fire ur at greater risk ahahaha. so mebbe lets head to the sewers for cover first, then let someone else do the dirty work. what abt you? :P

:icontenchu-clan: :icons-t-r-i-p-e-m-e: :iconlemonclub: :icondeathnotefan: :iconmerlion:
im so hungry but im even more sleepy well i think my stomachs turning inside out now. come to think of it ive been skipping dinners and thats no fun cuz i dont take breakfast. oh oh and the worst thing to hear this month was someone sed i seemed to have lost weight grr. i think all the energy's gone to being really pissed off at work lol oki dokes i'm even thinking of Maconalds that shows me hungry state XD

recently i was offered a contract for some mobile comics thing. i think i'll get to work on that after my normal day job hours hope i can keep awake lalala and I'm remaking my webbie!! make it more.... occupied haha & there's a TON of stuff that i owe pple :dizzy: MUST GANBATTE :nod:

:icontenchu-clan: :icons-t-r-i-p-e-m-e: :iconlemonclub: :icondeathnotefan: :iconmerlion:
  • Reading: manga
  • Watching: spring summer autumn winter... spring

Batman Begins lovely movie. wats more, there're ninjas in it :katana: it starts to make sense finally lol. i like bats they're cute, i used to have this coconut tree & the bats would nestle under the leaves & i'd always disturb them everytime i walked past hahaha

well its been a bad week there was this SPIDER the size of my fist in my locker 2 days back mmm the same brown color as my bag n i stupidly thought it was part of my bag n almost reached in to touch it when i suddenly thought to meself 'that it doesnt look like part of my bag?!!' sheeesssshhhhh..... last year i didnt sleep or visit my room for 2 whole weeks cos of a HUGE one that made scuttling noises as it ran across my... artworks!!

Aii... i have alot of things to do on hand: a bunch of fanarts, a bunch of old reworked stuff, collabs, gift arts, websites... my work pace is so damm s-l-o-w, im afraid to make mistakes, theres always correction fluid & photoshop but mmm dunno...    

:icontenchu-clan: :icons-t-r-i-p-e-m-e: :iconlemonclub: :icondeathnotefan: :iconmerlion:
  • Listening to: sakura no ki no shita - aiko
  • Watching: Batman Begins, IT, Laputa: Castle in the Clouds
Singaporeans check this out HAHAHAHA :lmao: --->

Gotta attend another friend's wedding later... again...

Oh and I've got a contest running at :icontenchu-clan:. There're prizes to be won!!  Feel free to join!!!

DOH and just remembered I cut out these 20% disct coupons at Kinokuniya, was planning to use for 2 more yummy art books last week. I bot 2 of Takahashi Makoto's illustration books before I knew of the disct haha HIS ART IS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS So FREAKING RETRO n those girls with GALAXY-EYES *__* I was soooo in love with it when i was a kid. well, still am mwahahahaha *___*

I owe alot of pple stuff I will get to it right away!

:icontenchu-clan: :iconlemonclub: :icondeathnotefan: :iconmerlion:
  • Listening to: eleanor rigby
  • Watching: Steamboy, Laputa: Castle in the Sky
ah first ive got to thank everyone for taking time to comment on me art TT___TT
and a big THANK YOU to :icongadreel: for buying a subscription for me :cries:!!!

eep i dont deserve it .__. but gonna make the best of it while I'm in my not-so-zoned-out state ^^ (wouldcha believe it i was slurring in my speech today O__O cos i was braindead. i only slur when i get um... migraine haha)

finally dragged meself to get ink cartridges and inkjet paper so i can print my stuff out n clear the stoopid harddisk, so Photoshop won't keep popping out that low disk space alert... and I can work faster. kinda.

Will be trying to complete old sketches in my sketchbooks so I'd be able to get a new one with better quality paper. um right now I have this bad habit of wasting pages on incomplete rubbish and it just sucks.

Random shouts (that reminds me, eep I totally forgot abt the shoutbox):

:icontenchu-clan: :iconlemonclub: :icondeathnotefan: :iconmerlion:
  • Listening to: Ayumi Hamasaki... yea i finally admit to that
  • Reading: IdN magazine &amp; Maison Ikkoku
  • Watching: da latest amityville... THE HORRORS!!!
some girl called me n sed i won sum lucky draw :winner: dunno which one i sometimes take part without knowing... oh well. ima go earn meself some dough by selling da prizes haha

work issssss tiring. the weather just got better these 2 days it poured like nuts after weeks of intolerable humid heat. poor plants becoming really sad blokes. may be getting a pay raise tho im always comtemplating going elsewhere :ninjaplot:

currently finishing up some sketches that were in my sketchbooks since i joined DA, fanarts too n giftart n collabs....

:icontenchu-clan: :iconlemonclub: :icondeathnotefan: :iconmerlion:
:jawdrop::jawdrop: DA admin liked me art?! :jawdrop::jawdrop:

Thank you everyone for paying my Ol' Tree a visit!…

Arigatou gozaimasu
Xie Xie
Terima Kasih
Vaanakam XD

:worship::worship: all of you  TvT

:icontenchu-clan: :iconlemonclub: :icondeathnotefan: :iconmerlion:
Has anyone watched Studio Ghibli's 'Howl's Moving Castle' yet? i think the orignal name is 'Hauru no Ugoku Shiro'
Issit me or sumthing cos I didnt quite enjoy it as Spirited Away tho the animation is as always, top-notch, tho the story toward the end is like unfocused...

anyhow i think some fanart on the way (maybe) i wanna do but i dun have the energy to hehe...

oh! AND I FINALLY GOT MY HANDS ON MAISON IKKOKU MANGA SET!!  I wanted to get the first edition Taiwan edition for eons in the end settled fer Daran HK edition, can't hesitate or someone else will grab it XD

Check her out :iconmentalfloss: her dad needs help

n a collab with :iconra909:!

:icontenchu-clan: :iconlemonclub: :icondeathnotefan: :iconmerlion:
Happy Lunar New Year!!!!

1 horror collab work with :iconra909:

check out :iconmentalfloss:'s journal n site abt her dad who needs some help

that's abt it. i survived the chinese new year rush :meditate:

:icontenchu-clan: :icondeathnotefan: :iconmerlion:
I'm late again!!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!

yii..... I've gotten my butt a full-time job. Tho' I can finally pay off my bills, that also equates to = no time to do any artworks (well, mainly I am 7-eighths deadbeat when I get home).  argh no off-days at all for 3 weeks from 19 Jan onwards for the chinese new year period x__x and i work 6 full days a week already @__@

And can't catch up with the devwatch anymore, checking my a/c on dA means I tend to skip dinner and I dun take breakfast either, so sorry...  cos I have plans to put on some weight... hehe  

Right now, I'll be occupied with a collab with :iconra909: and finishing up art that I've owed others (hopefully) hehe. You know who you are...

Okie dokes, just a last note. Pls help out the Tsunami victims (via donations). If you havent't got a clue what I'm referring to, pls check out the headline news on every news portal this past week.

ah! Ninja Gaiden & Fatal Frame 2 mode!

:icontenchu-clan: :icondeathnotefan: :iconmerlion: