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Heya guys !
I'm about to translate one of my process to give for free too and i was wondering which one you'd want to get (•ิ_•ิ)?

So, i'm just asking directly !

Would you want the Water Tutorial or the Articuno and Blanche Tutorial ?

I'd really appreciate if you could let me know 
( ◡‿◡ *)

Thank you !
Heya everyone !

I FINALLY did the translation of one of the Patreon's tutorial ! \(≧▽≦)/

So ! Just to be clear (・`ω´・) :

I'm just showing a way i work or practice as a self-taught person.
I do my process mostly for beginners. The goal isn't to teach something but to show how i work and give some ideas for everyone that'd want / need an other point of view.

I'll be sharing one or two more process from my Patreon so everyone can see how i an doing them and what i am offering.

Since i don't like the fact that someone would have to pay to get basic knowledges, i'll be releasing some free Process now and then too, but as a thanks for my Patrons, some will stay Patreon exclusive.

Thanks a lot for your support everyone ! I hope to be able to help as much as i can !

Do not forget that i'm just giving some informations on how I DO things. I may be wrong sometimes, but i'm mostly trying to take shortcuts to explain complicated things. You'd still have to do some researches yourself for better understanding !

US Patreon :

I'd love to get some feedback ! Feel free to let me know anything ! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆


Yo tout le monde !

J'ai ENFIN fait la traduction d'un de mes Tutorials Patreon ! \(≧▽≦)/

Soyons clairs (・`ω´・) :

J'aurais bien aime mais JE N'AI JAMAIS EU DE COURS DE DESSINS !
Je ne fais que montrer ma façon de travailler en tant qu'autodidacte.
Je fais mes Tutos en grande partie pour les débutants. Le but n'est pas d'enseigner quelque chose mais de montrer comment je travaille afin de donner des idees à ceux qui en veulent ou qui ont besoin d'un autre point de vu.

Je vais partager encore un ou deux des tutos Patreon pour que tout le monde puisse voir comment ils sont fait et ce que j'offre.

Comme je n'aime pas le fait de faire payer des aides aussi basiques, je ferais de temps en temps des tutos distribués gratuitements, mais certains resteront reserves aux Patrons seulement en guise de remerciement pour le support.

Merci encore pour votre soutien ! J'espère pouvoir aider autant que possible !

N'oubliez pas ! Je ne fais que donner des informations sur MA façon de travailler. Je vais surement me tromper certaines fois mais mon but est de prendre des raccourcis et expliquer le plus simplement possible des choses compliquées. Vous allez quand même devoir faire des recherches pour mieux comprendre plein de choses !

FR Patreon :

J'adorerais avoir des retours ! N'hesitez pas a m'informer de quoi que ce soit ! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆
Yooo everyone !

Been working on all those tutorial things and i FINALLY got something that i like !

So ! Basically i'll be doing 1 Tutorial each month for my Patreon and after a while i might put them on a Gumroad or something !

I'll probably share some of them for free too sometimes so that you could at least see what kind of tutorial they are. (No step by step with JUST images of the process)

I hope you'll be able to give me some feedbacks on everything ! I'm still new to those things xD

You can find a small Tutorial preview image in my Gallery ! I think it could already kinda show how things are explained =)

Yo guys !! Just wanted to let you know you can see and follow what i'm doing on Twitter / Facebook and Instagram too ! I can speak english and i might do that more often xD Don't be shy !!

Just letting you know cause i usually update things faster here and i might try to make some giveaway and things soon =)
Just opened an Instag page ! 

Feel free to check it to let me know what you think about it =)